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The postgraduates make strides in the synthesis of Nano silver clusters

Only recently the 2013 postgraduate Songzhaoyu majoring in pharmacochemistry (supervisor:associate professor LiuHong) published their latest research results in the most authoritative journal in the field of chemistry-- Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 3699(《German Applied Chemistry》: Acid-Base-Triggered Structural Transformation of a Polyoxometalate Core Inside a Dodecahedrane-like Silver Thiolate Shell)

For the first time the researcher has synthesized Nano silver clusters with Platon polyhedron structure at the nano-scale and discovered the properties of Acid-Base-Triggered discoloration and provided a new theoretical model of artificial compounds forstress reaction .

Songzhaoyu is excellent in both conduct and learning and won the inspirational scholarship while he was a bachelor. When he was a sophomore he began to study some basics concerning research, along with the research group headed by LiuHong from college of pharmacy.

He once took charge of one project for student fund. And as a postgraduate, he not only published his scientific papers in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. but also his series of scientific research results about multi acid nano silver clusters in the world-famous Dalton Trans.(2015, 44, 3997) and CrystEngComm (2014, 16, 5150). He attended the academic conferences four times at home and takes charge of one project for student fund and won the 2015 state scholarship for postgraduates.

The more difficult microsurgery assures the cancer patients of their face scores --- The successful innovation of the hospital for stomatology independently accomplished many of its cases with its advanced technology at home.

The first “ First-class of Three-Graded” hospital in our province ---- The hospital for stomatology attached to Jiamusi University has successfully accomplished independently many cases of microsurgery with its advanced technology at home, after successive innovations and devotion to its medical technology and service brand, of which “the soft palate reconstruction” and something like that fill in the gaps in the region or even across the province, bringing good news to the maxillofacially-deformed patients due to maxillofacial trauma and oral tumor . In the case of the maxillofacially-deformed patients due to maxillofacial trauma and oral cancer, in their postoperative life they not only have to overcome the physiological barriers to speech, swallowing and chewing, but the psychological shadow arising from the maxillofacially –led “holes”. Some patients even describe it as “worse than death”. To help the patients fight out of the shadow of the disease in recent years ,the maxillofacial surgery I and II of the hospital for stomatology attached to our university strives to make technological breakthroughs and in succession gets engaged in a series of cutting-edge and precise micro-vascular surgery in maxillofacial surgery such as Free fibula flap transplantation temporal muscle flap transplantation and Forearm free flap transplantation etc, to help the patients eradicate oral cancer and reconstruct the outer deformity and regain the maxillofacial function so that they can return to society smoothly.

The cutting-edge micro-vascular operation universally acknowledged both at home and abroad calls for great technology because it is harder to operate and involves higher risk. So far such operations can only be conducted successfully at home in few universities of higher learning in Beijing and Shanghai.The successful and independent accomplishments of such operations fill in gaps in the eastern part of Heilongjiang province and are up to the advanced standard of such operations, signaling that our microvascular surgery has been In he forefront of the field and is bound to push forward the medical level and set foot on a new stage.

The precise therapy for the first case of cerebrovascular disease in our province by the neurosurgery of the first affiliated hospital

Until recently, a woman patient with complex aneurysm of cerebral vascular malformation underwent cerebral vascular malformation resection and artery aneurysm dilation by a medical team headed by professor, Yangfuyi, vice-dean of the neurosurgery of the first affiliated hospital, the first case of its kind in our province.

Compared with the traditional method, this method using hybrid operation room is more intuitive and secure,shadowgraph technique testifies the exam results while the operation is going on and operation effects are examined closely using shadowgraph after craniotomy,this precise therapy makes it more convenient to the patient and avoids the shuttling between the usual operation room and the interventional operations , thus improving the quality and security of such operations.

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