Zhejiang A & F University News And Events

  • Vice President of Southern Taiwan University of Technology Visited ZAFU

May 11, Taiwan Nantai University of Science and Technology Vice President Zhang Hongde and his entourage to visit our school. Vice President Shen Yueqin received the visitors. Nantai University of Science and Technology is one of the first batch of Taiwan's regional cooperative schools, the two schools inter-school exchanges and close cooperation, our school has selected nearly 30 students to exchange learning.

Shen Yueqin extended a warm welcome to Zhang Hongde and his entourage, hoping that the visit will further promote cooperation between the two schools. The two sides exchanged views on the exchange of teachers and students, cooperation between industry and academia, and so on, all said they would actively promote further cooperation and exchanges between the two schools.   

Zhang Hongde and his entourage also visited the East Lake campus, visited the teaching and research facilities.Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office, Institute of Management, Cultural Institute and Foreign Language Institute relevant person in charge of the discussion.


  • Chancellor Thomas Wilhelmsson of University of Helsinki Visited ZAFU

From April 23 to 24, in order to deepen cooperation between the two schools, at the invitation of the school, Thomas Wilhelmsson, the University of Helsinki, Finland, visited the school. School Party Secretary Xuanyong, Principal Zhou Guofu, Vice President Wang Ziyong met with Thomas Wilhelmsson respectively.

Mr. Zhou made a warm welcome to the visiting directors. Zhou Guofu exchanged views with Thomas Wilhelmsson on scientific research cooperation, teacher exchange, student projects and joint education. Both sides said they would further strengthen the exchanges between the two schools and carry out all-round cooperation.

Thomas Wilhelmsson visited the East Lake campus, visited the Academy of Sciences and Lin Shengyuan, our school's beautiful campus environment and international standards of teaching and research facilities left a deep impression on the warm reception of the school expressed gratitude. Helsinki University is located in the capital city of Helsinki, Finland, was founded in 1640, is Finland's largest and most comprehensive comprehensive university, under the College of Agriculture and Forestry 11 colleges. In May last year, our delegation visited the University of Helsinki, Finland, the two schools formally signed a cooperation agreement. Subject Office, Personnel Department, International Department, Linsheng College, Hokkaido and Economic Management Institute attended the meeting and exchange.

  • Zambian Ambassador Visited ZAFU

On the afternoon of 21 March, the Ambassador of Zambia to China, Winnie N. Chibesakunda, and the Education Department, Nambula Wamulungwe visited our school. Principal Zhou Guofu met with the guests.

Principal Zhou Guo-cu welcomed Winnie N. Chibesakunda's visit and briefed the guests on the basic situation of the school and the development of the international student education. It pointed out that the school had strong strength in many fields, especially agriculture and forestry disciplines, Countries to carry out scientific research cooperation, agriculture and forestry technology promotion and personnel training. He said that the development of China-Africa relations requires a number of senior personnel who understand both Chinese and local customs and regulations. 

We have the will and the ability to cultivate Zambian students and make due contributions to Zambia's development and deepening China-Africa relations. Zhou Guomu hope Winnie N. Chibesakunda ambassador more attention and publicity Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, but also welcome more outstanding Zambian students to our school.

Ambassador Winnie N. Chibesakunda thanked us for the quality education and services provided by our students in Zambia, introduced the general situation of education in Zambia, expressed willingness to actively play a bridge link and encouraged more Zambian students to study at Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University.  School office, international office, international college leaders attended the talks.

  • University of Alberta Delegation Visited ZAFU

From March 2 to 6, Vice President of the School of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada, visited the school. President Zhou Guochen, Vice President Shen Yueqin received the visitors and exchanged views, expressed warm welcome to the delegation, hope that the delegation can further promote the cooperation between the two schools and exchanges, to carry out more areas of cooperation.

The delegation and the school international office, agricultural college and the relevant person in charge of the school on the two schools in the undergraduate credit recognition project, summer project, the University of Alberta students short-term practice of the project in-depth exchanges and reached a consensus, Have said that as soon as possible to do the school docking and student selection work.

During the course of the school, the delegation gave lectures to our students and interviewed students who signed up for the two credits. The University of Alberta will provide scholarships for the outstanding students of our university. International Department, Agronomy College and the relevant person in charge of the Institute and the staff to participate in the meeting and exchanges.

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