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Characteristic Therapy Workshop for Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Characteristic Therapy Workshop for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will be held at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine’s US Center for Chinese Medicine on May 24, 2017 in Rockville, Maryland.


The goal of this workshop is to encourage academic and scientific exchange with world-class universities and research institutions on the present and future state of research on traditional Chinese medicine therapies. Researchers from China will introduce groundbreaking research outcomes on the clinical efficacy of TCM therapies in treating complex diseases and conditions facing modern societies, including Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, cancer, and rehabilitation. Highlights will include explanations of some of the unique diagnostic methods of Chinese medicine, such as pulse taking and facial diagnosis. Physicians will demonstrate how acupuncture can achieve almost instant results when used to address common diseases such as low back pain, leg pain, and herpes zoster. We hope this workshop will enhance awareness of traditional Chinese Medicine therapies and their efficacy. We hope they will be more widely adopted in healthcare systems around the world.

Xinhua Net Reported on Museum of Chinese Medicine at US Center for Chinese Medicine by BUCM 

On April 23rd, a report entitled “Feature: TCM Museum in U.S. introduces Chinese healing art to Westerners” was published on Xinhua Net, the English website of Xinhua News Agency, introducing the museum at the US Center for Chinese Medicine by BUCM established by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM).


The report explains the location of the museum, its exhibits, the purpose of the museum and the center, the concept and curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine, the principle of proper combination of herbal ingredients, and the historical development of acupuncture in the U.S.


The Chinese Medicine Center is a non-profit institution initiated and established by BUCM. Located in Rockville, Maryland, it covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters. The center aims to become a platform for cooperation in clinical services, education and research of Chinese medicine and Western medicine between China and the U.S. As an important way for traditional Chinese medicine to go international, it draws on the strengths of TCM for better health of the American people, in-depth cultural exchange between China and the U.S. and better international dissemination of Chinese medicine. Opening in 2016, the museum at the center aims to introduce the connotation and achievements of traditional Chinese medicine to American people, who can experience first-hand TCM therapies and their curative effects through the exhibition and regularly held cultural activities.


Experts from Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University, University of Cambridge, the National Institutes of Health, the University of Maryland, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Peking University will be attending. These eight institutions will form a Consortium for Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine to continue global academic exchange and cooperation. The members of the consortium will work together to promote the development of Chinese Medicine all over the world.


1st Chinese Medicine Masters Students Graduate from a Joint Program by Western Sydney University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

On April 7, 2017, the graduation ceremony of the first cohort of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) masters students from a partner program between Western Sydney University (WSU) and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) was held at Parramatta Campus of WSU. BUCM Professor Huang Qing and Dr. Qi Shuo, currently coordinating work at BUCM-WSU Chinese Medicine Centre in Australia as the representatives of BUCM, were invited to the ceremony, offering the most sincere congratulations to the graduates on behalf of BUCM and Dongzhimen Hospital, the First Clinical School of BUCM. 

Also at the ceremony were Professor Barney Glover, Vice-Chancellor and President of WSU, Professor Gregory Kolt, Dean of the School of Science and Health, and Associate Professor Zhu Xiaoshu, Vice Dean of the school. Together with Professor Huang Qing and Dr. Qi Shuo, they had photos taken with the graduating students on this joyous occasion, witnessing and celebrating the fruit of this successful cooperation between the two universities.


The idea of BUCM-WSU Australian Chinese Medicine Centre was suggested in November 2014 when WSU signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish such a center with BUCM, which was witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The two universities agreed to set up an integrated platform for medical, educational, research and cultural exchange to provide better TCM education and high quality Chinese medicine integrative clinical service for Australian people based on the strengths in medical service, education and research of TCM enjoyed by the two universities respectively. For this purpose, BUCM and WSU have put huge effort into planning and establishing the center with the support from Chinese Ministry of Education and State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a result, the medical center was inaugurated on August 9, 2016, turning a new page in the development of Chinese medicine in Australia fueled by Sino-Australian cooperation.


As part of their coursework in a joint program on the platform of the center, six TCM masters students from WSU have undertaken a four-week clinical placement at Dongzhimen Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of BUCM.


In addition, in the past three years, the two institutions carried out a number of teacher and student exchange programs, and collaborated in education, medical care and scientific research. In the future, there will be more cooperation in advanced research on the treatment of major diseases and difficult and complicated cases.

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