Yunnan University News And Events

  • Senator, Parliament of Canada,Ontario Visits Yunnan University

H.E Mr. Victor OH, Senator, Parliament of Canada, Ontario, also the Co-Chair, Canada-China Legislative Association(CCLA) visited Yunnan University on October 10th, accompanied by Mr. Geng TAN, Member of Parliament of Don Valley North (Ontario), Canada, also the Co-Chair of CCLA.

Prof. Lin YANG, Secretary of the CPC Yunnan University Committee, met the delegation led by H.E Mr. Victor OH. On behalf ofYunnan University, Lin YANG extended a warm welcome to the guests and briefed guests on YNU and its history. He also reviewed the cooperation between YNU and Canadian government, corporations, and universities and etc. YANG highlighted what YNU has achieved based on the Belt and Road Initiative and the founding of  Sino-Canadian Plateau Lakes Research Centre at YunnanUniversity. He saw H.E Mr. OH’s visit as an opportunity to help YNU attract more excellent educational resources of Canada.

H.E Mr. OH said it’s delighted to know what YNU has achieved these years, especially the cooperation between YNU and Canadian institutions. He’s confident about the future of China and Canada and is willing to facilitate the cooperation and exchange between Yunnan University and Canada.

Before the meeting, H.E Mr. OH and Mr. Geng TAN talked with the faculty and the students of Yunnan University, getting a better understanding of the research and protection of plateau lakes by Sino-Canadian Plateau Lakes Research Centre at Yunnan University, the relations between China and Canada and how to enhance the exchange between the students of the two countries in Chinese youths’ eyes.

Invited by YNU, guests also had a tour at Chenggong Campus and planted a tree, which symbolizes the friendship of the two countries, in International Forest, Yunnan University.


  • A complete network of global partners

Yunnan University has partners in more than 100 countries. It has established a “Korea-China Cultural Exchange Center” with Sookmyung Women’s University, a “Yunnan University Macquarie College” with Macquarie University in Australia, and a “Yunnan University-Tel Aviv University Innovation Center” with Tel Aviv University.

  • Scientific and technological innovation plus cultural studies boosting international cooperation in scientific researches

Yunnan University strives to introduce high-end foreign teachers and experts. Meanwhile, it helps its teachers to apply for fund from the government to take part in training projects abroad. Now more than 50% of its teachers have had overseas training.

The University encourages its teachers and researchers to cooperate with international institutes and universities. Yunnan University has 10 articles published in the world’s famous academic journals like Nature and Science. Cooperating with University of Windsor, Canada, a Sino-Canadian Research Center of Plateau Lake has been set up. A “Yunnan University-Tel Aviv University Innovation Center” was established cooperating with Tel Aviv University. Yunnan University will find some South Asian and Southeast Asian Universities to cooperate with to establish some research centers and will gradually build up some technological innovation centers in South Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

Yunnan University will again help set up some Chinese Study Centers at South Asian and Southeast Asian universities and will invite some South Asian and Southeast Asian universities to set up cultural centers of their respective countries.

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