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  • Four Disciplines Listed in QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017

Recently, QS Quacquarelli Symonds, a British global education group, released The 7th QS World University Rankings by Subject. Four WUT disciplines were listed in leading disciplines of the world, including Material Science (ranked 151th to 200th), Chemical Engineering (ranked 251st to 300th), Chemistry (ranked 301st to 350th) , Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering (ranked 301st to 350th). The rankings feature 1127 universities from 74 countries around the world, covering over 11000 subjects of 46 disciplines in total. 560 subjects from 74 universities in Mainland China have been listed in the rankings.

  • Xin Sijin Appointed as Secretary of WUT Party Committee

On March 21st, WUT held a meeting of faculty and leaders to announce the appointment of the new secretary of WUT Party Committee. Comrade Wang Liying (Discipline Leader?of?Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Ministry of Education, Party?Member of the Ministry of Education) announced the decision of appointment by the Ministry of Education. Xin Sijin has been appointed as Secretary of WUT Party Committee. Former Secretary Liu Wei will no long serve as Secretary of WUT Party Committee because of his age. For the same reason, Wan Zhijian will no longer serve as Deputy Secretary of WUT Party Committee.

Lv Jie, Deputy Director of Department of Personnel of the Ministry of Education; Li Jianhong, Deputy Minister of Department of Organization of Hubei provincial party committee; leaders from the?Second Sector of Personnel Office of the Ministry of Education and Fifth Sector of Ministry of Organization of Hubei Provincial Party committee; WUT leaders, former leaders, academicians, members of two commissions, all middle-level cadres, representatives of professors and representatives of teachers and students attended the meeting. WUT President Zhang Qingjie chaired the meeting.

Wang Liying delivered a speech on the meeting and highly praised Liu Wei and Wan Zhijian for their devotion and contribution to the development of WUT over the years. She introduced the newly appointed Party Secretary Xin Sijin. Wang also spoke highly of performances of WUT in recent years. She said that Party Group of Ministry of Education and Hubei Provincial party committee attached great importance to the adjustment of party leaders and the decision was made based on discreet consideration and suggestions from various aspects and the overall situation.

Wang Liying Speaking on the Meeting

On behalf of Party Group of Ministry of Education, Wang Liying offered four suggestions to WUT. First, to deeply learn and implement spirits of National Ideological and Political Work Conference of Colleges and Universities, to adhere to socialist orientation to running a school and to cultivate talents are the roots of a country. Second, the primary task of enhancing morality and fostering talents should be put into practice, promoting development with “Double First-class” construction of WUT. 

Third, the cultivation of leaders and talents should be enhanced to construct a team with tremendous strength. The fourth suggestion is to uphold the leadership of the party, pushing forward the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party in depth and breadth. Wang expressed that Party Group hope that leading body of WUT could work closely together to lead faculty and students to further emancipating minds, keeping up with the times and making innovations with greater enthusiasm, higher spirits and more solid working style. Therefore, reform and development of WUT could make new achievements, welcoming a successful opening of 19th Party Congress with brilliant performances.

 Li Jianhong Speaking on the Meeting

On behalf of Ministry of Organization of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, Li Jianhong fully affirmed and sincerely appreciated work and contribution of Comrade Liu Wei. Li expressed his firm support of decision made by Party Group of Ministry of Education, extended warm congratulations to Xin Sijin as well as sincere appreciation to Wan Zhijian. He wished that WUT could set a broader development view across the nation and even the world with its root in Hubei Province. By setting development plans on higher starting points, promoting construction on higher levels and fully playing roles of expert bases and brain trust, WUT could support three industries with concrete contributions and promote the development of Hubei Province.

Liu Wei Speaking on the Meeting

Former Secretary Liu Wei expressed his firm support of decision made by Party Group of Ministry of Education and his sincere appreciation to concerns and trust of Party Group of Ministry of Education, support and coordination of school leading body, tolerance and understanding of faculty and students and help and encouragement of comrades. Liu reviewed outstanding achievements WUT has made in reform and development since the second Party Congress. He sincerely wished that under the leadership of Party Group of Ministry of Education and Hubei Provincial Party Committee, faculty and students should uphold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics and keep carrying forward spirits of WUTers—“Dare to take responsibility and dare to struggle”. With new thinking patterns, new measures and new impetus, faculty and students should practice new developing concepts, grasp new developing opportunities and save new developing impetus. By solidarity and cooperation and with the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties, the grand goal of “Double First-class” construction would be achieved.

Xin Sijin Speaking on the meeting


Newly appointed Party Secretary Xin Sijin expressed his sincere gratitude to great trust and expectations of the organization as well as support and love of faculty and students in his speech. He said that he had been learning and working in WUT for 35 years since 1982. To him, the university is the source of knowledge, the base of career and the stage of development, offering him nourishment. “Being grateful to WUT, paying back to WUT and promoting the construction of WUT with sincere efforts” is always Xin’s largest wish. Xin stated that expectations and requirements of organization were very important to him. He will never forget his initial goals and letting the organization down. By gathering faculty and students with cohesion and grasping opportunities timely, he will strive to promote WUT to new development stages in all areas. On his new position, he will implement the three requirements, including holding the right political direction with conviction, keeping to be fair and honest with discipline in heart and promoting school development with bravery to take responsibility.

 President Zhang Qingjie Speaking on the Meeting


On behalf of WUT leading body and faculty and students, President Zhang Qingjie expressed his firm support of decision made by Party Group of Ministry of Education and his sincere appreciation to concerns and support of Party Group of Ministry of Education and Hubei Provincial Party Committee to WUT. As the president of WUT, he stated that he would actively coordinated with Xin Sijin and work with other members of leading body to construct a strong leading group of school and work closely with faculty and students. With greater enthusiasm, higher spirits and more solid working style and keeping in mind the spirit of “daring to take responsibility, making pioneering efforts and practicing reform and innovation”, he would promote the rapid development of WUT in all areas and strive for the achievement of the lofty ideal of “building an excellent university to win a worldwide recognition and admiration”.

  •  7 WUT Scholars Elected 2016 Most Cited Chinese Researchers

Recently, Elsevier announced its 2016 list of China’s most influential researchers. Seven scholars of WUT were listed including Professor Liu Jinping and Professor Yu Huogen of School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Life Sciences, Professor Yu Jiaguo of State Key Lab of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Professor Sun Qingming of School of Science, Professor Lei Deming of School of Automation, Professor Zhong Shaohua of School of Automotive Engineering and Professor Li Yanqiu of School of Transportation.

Most Cited Chinese Researchers are world leading scholars whose publications are most cited in academic journals in mainland China. They are all top researchers with world-class influences and great scientific contributions to their fields. Among 7 listed scholars of WUT, Professor Liu Jinping and Professor Yu Jiaguo study the sector of material science; Professor Sun Qingming and Professor Lei Deming study the sector of industry and manufacturing engineering; Professor Yu Huogen studies the sector of chemical engineering; Professor Zhong Shaohua studies the sector of automobile engineering and Professor Li Tingqiu studies the sector of marine engineering.

  • Professor William Price Attended the New Year Reception for Foreign Experts with Premier Li Keqiang

Before the Spring Festival, Premier Li Keqiang held a reception for foreign experts working in China in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Professor William Price, strategic scientist of WUT and expert of “the Recruitment Program of Global Experts” was invited. On behalf of Chinese government and people, Premier Li Keqiang expressed cordial New Year wishes to foreign experts and their family and extended greetings to all international friends who support China’s reform and opening-up policy and modernization drive. Vice-premier of State Council Ma Kai, State Councilor Yang Jing and Yang Jiechi attended the reception.

Professor William Price delivered a speech. He proposed his opinions and suggestions in terms of global navigation development, current development of China’s ocean and transportation of Yangtze River, technological innovation of green ship engineering and functions of advanced educational institutes and R&D institutes. During his visit in Beijing, Professor William Price was also invited to attend the meeting for foreign experts, which was held by Mr. Zhang Jianguo (vice minister of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China and director of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs).

As a foreign expert recruited by WUT Base of Introducing Talents of Key-technology Discipline of High-performance Naval Architecture, Professor William Price has cooperated with WUT for a long time and has made great achievement in cooperative R&D, mutual communication and joint cultivation of young faculty and graduate students. In 2011, Professor William Price was appointed as WUT strategic scientist. Under his support, WUT-UoS High Performance Ship Technology Joint Centre was established on September, 2012. Professor William Price was awarded the Chime Prize of Excellent Foreign Experts of Hubei Province 2013for his great achievements in joint R&D with our university. In 2015, he was appointed as an expert of “the Recruitment Program of Global Experts”.

  • Project Led by Professor Yan Xinping Obtained a National Science and Technology Award of 2016

On January 9th, the National Science and Technology Award Conference was held in Beijing by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. Party and state leader Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan and Zhang Gaoli attended the conference and conferred awards to winners. Two scientific projects led and participated by WUT were awarded the National Science and Technology Award of 2016.

National Engineering Research Center for Water Transport Safety of WUT is the first complete unit of the awarded project -- “Key Technology and Application of National Advanced Inland Waterway Channel Shipping Operation System”. As the director of the Research Center, Professor Yan Xinping led the project and spent over 10 years on it. The project has obtained designing methods and designing standards of national advanced waterway shipping operation system and a series of innovative achievements of public service system of “One Plan, Two Networks and Four Platforms”. The project haspromoted the leapfrog development of informatization of water transport industry of our country and made significant contributions to core competitiveness of the industry. The project won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress of 2016.

WUT participated in another awarded project—“Packaged Technology and Application of Co-processing Solid Waste in Cement Kiln under Ecological Principles with High Efficiency”. Led by Li Yeqing (vice director of State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures, chief distinguished expert of University-Industry-Research Cooperation, and president of Huaxin Cement Co.,Ltd), the project won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress of 2016.

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