University of Science and Technology Beijing News And Events

    • University of Dundee Sends Delegation to USTB

    On December 10th a delegation led by Prof. Timothy Newman, Vice Principal of the University of Dundee, paid a visit to USTB. USTB President Zhang Xinxin met with the delegation.

    President Zhang welcomed the guests and gave an overview of the basic information on USTB, especially its latest Internationalization strategies. President Zhang praised the University of Dundee as one of the world's top universities, and that USTB continues to greatly value the cooperative relationship with University of Dundee. 

    President Zhang also expressed his hope that both sides could develop new cooperation methods and areas to strengthen cooperation in the field of emerging disciplines and cross-disciplines. Vice Principal Newman said USTB is one of Dundee’s five deep-cooperation universities. Additionally, the University of Dundee has much in common with USTB, having just launched its own International Office. In the future, the University of Dundee hopes that the two universities will promote substantial cooperation in different disciplines with each other to achieve a win-win situation.

    After the meeting, the delegation paid a visit to the history museum of USTB.

    • Finals of Second Contest Held Successfully

    On 3rd December, the finals of Second “The World Should See USTB” Contest were held in the multi-function hall of the International Office. The top 10 out of 20 finalists attended the competition.

    These top 10 proposals were based on the authors’ personal international exchange and communication experiences, and provided advice on international education methods, international development strategies and students’ exchange programs. For example, the “One Plus One” group suggested creating an information network to build a communication bridge for international students, exchange students and local students. “The World should See USTB” and “Information Synergy” group proposed how to improve international education and strengthen USTB’s international image, including providing multilingual options on the official website, media promotion and enrollment guides for course development.

    During the final round, students fully expressed their broad views, unique insights and original ideas. Judges evaluated these proposals according to creativity, feasibility and comprehensive performance. At the end, judges selected 7 groups to win prizes, and the “One Plus One” group received first prize.

    This contest aimed at arousing the enthusiasm of students to participate in internationalization, collecting ideas and conceptions among students and promoting the innovation and development of international cooperation and communication. USTB will support some of these excellent ideas and incorporate them into the working system.

    • The Seminar Of USTB-TATA Steel Union Research Center was Held

    On the afternoon on 9th December, the seminar of USTB-TATA STEEL Research Center was held. Dr. Debashish Bhattacharjee, Zhang Xinxin, the president of USTB, and directors from different faculties and related departments attended the seminar.

     President Zhang Xinxin delivered a speech, extending his thanks and welcome to visitors. He said that USTB, as a leading university in the steel field, can make a great contribution to the development of steel production in China. USTB places emphasis on the importance of the transformation of scientific research achievements and cooperation with other universities. TATA STEEL is one of USTB’s most important partners. The union research center will provide a platform to join the force from different experts in order to accelerate the development of steel industry.

    Tianyi Wang said that USTB must continue to cultivate excellent talents from society, which will make contributions to the development of steel industry. The union research center can bring positive effects on global exchange, resource sharing, and technological development.

    Dr. Bhattacharjee said that there are many common problems in steel industry. International exchange and cooperation is an efficient way to solve these problems. USTB has a good performance in material and metallurgy, and as a result, he hoped that further cooperation can be built .

    During the seminar, Prof. Dehong Xia, Prof. Xin Zhang, Prof. Lifeng Zhang and Dr. Bhattacharjee delivered reports on the development of energy saving in the metallurgy industry, high quality steel and the development of the steel industry. Dr. Bhattacharjee was awarded the position of visiting professor at USTB for on his academic achievements. The assembled scholars also engaged in a discussion with Dr. Bhattacharjee.

    • National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology Sends Delegation to USTB

     On January 7 the Vice-President of National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Fan Guoshu, and four colleagues visited USTB. The delegation was met by President Zhang Xinxin, who was accompanied by Secretary Liu Xiaodong, Associate Dean Professor Yao Jun, and others.

    President Zhang welcomed the guests and gave a presentation introducing USTB which included information on the university’s recent accomplishments, significant achievements, collaboration with Tata Steel, etc. He emphasized the great importance to USTB in maintaining strong relationships with Taiwanese universities and continuing to engage in student and academic exchanges, as well as other areas of cooperation.

    Vice-President Fan thanked the assembly for the warm welcome and congratulated USTB on its achievements. He went on to introduce the concept of an “entrepreneurial university” and invited USTB to participate in an upcoming cross-strait summit to discuss the subject, and expressed his hope that together the universities could improve the concept with innovative ideas.

    The two sides also discussed ways the universities could cooperate in the future, such as engaging in further student and staff exchanges, as well as cooperating in research.

    After the meeting Vice-Present Fan visited Laboratories of Civil and Environment Engineering School.

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