Tianjin University of Science & Technology News And Events

  • ''Logistics Service Quality Month" activities to create high quality and efficient logistics services

In order to thoroughly implement the concept of "logistics, logistics" and "let teachers and students enjoy our service" concept, as a "two school one to do" learning and education activities of the prelude, since April, the logistics service group carried out Aimed at further enhancing the level of logistics services, improve the work style, really sincere service teachers and students of the "logistics service quality month" activities. One month of quality service activities, involving the logistics of various departments, in all the logistics staff and workers under the joint efforts, and achieved good results.

"Everything is premeditated," fully prepared to do the work of the premise and foundation. In mid-March, the Group set up the "Logistics Service Quality Month" activities leading group, formulate the program, implement the responsibility, and convene the mobilization meeting, require the departments to unify the understanding and work closely together to form a work together so that all employees fully understand the service The necessity and importance of.

In order to effectively serve the broad masses of teachers and students, activities in the school within the scope of "Tianjin University of Science and Technology logistics management services to seek the proposed form", set the proposed box and announced service supervision telephone and mailbox. In the main campus, Hexi campus set up a proposal box 6, the recovery of 491 copies of the questionnaire, the recovery rate of 98.2%, the recovery rate of 98.2%, the recovery rate is 98.2%, the recovery rate is 98.2%, the recovery rate is 98.2%, the recovery rate is 98.2% Covering all organs of the room, teaching units and units directly under. Teachers and students raised a total of 602 proposals related to the logistics, the need to transfer the recommendations of other departments 20. To reflect the more concentrated problems, has studied the development of rectification programs, put forward solutions; temporarily unable to solve the problem, has been truthfully to the competent leadership and the relevant departments to reflect.At the same time, the Group Party Committee also organized a forum to solicit the staff and staff of the logistics cadres in the work style, work discipline and management and other aspects of the proposal.

At the same time, under the initiative of the Group Party Committee, all the logistics staff with the whole school teachers and students of the strong feelings, from the interests of teachers and students, do more practical things, good things, carried out a number of colorful and quality service activities. Such as the Food Management Center to carry out the "look at our kitchen, try our new dishes, listen to your suggestions" series of theme activities, inviting student representatives into the canteen, visit the vegetable processing room, pastry, cooking room and other major Work center and dishes production process, and held a symposium, listen carefully to the views of students; dormitory management center focused on the apartment hall beautification and environmental health; transport service center launched a "safe driving 100 days" activities; campus service center launched a comprehensive clean campus health Dead ends and small road advertising and other activities; maintenance management center on the office building on-site inspection and maintenance services, and the school outside the public area maintenance inspection.

A series of high-quality service activities carried out to effectively stimulate the logistics of all staff enthusiasm and enthusiasm to enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of service to enhance the overall level of service and quality of the logistics, to build a "harmonious logistics, Into a strong driving force, teachers and students from the more benefits and satisfaction.

Quality service is the starting point, is a process, it is the eternal theme of logistics. Logistics Service Group will continue to deepen the quality of service, "logistics service quality month" activities as an opportunity, closely around the school center tasks, establish quality service ideas, excellent quality service brand, with a broader mind, more solid style, more Excellent management, better service for the cause of the school to make new contributions to the development!

  • School party secretary Li Xuyan to participate in the party party branch of the first party Discussion on "Two Learning and One Learning"

May 24 afternoon, the school party secretary Li Xuyan to the identity of the general party members to the party branch of a branch to participate in "two school one to do" study and education discussion. Before the meeting, all party members face the party flag and revisit the pledge to join the party.

At the symposium, the branch members made speeches on their own "party constitution" and the school "two-school-one" study and education topics.

Li Xuyan secretary talked about his own learning experience. He said that it is an important practice for all party members to deepen the education within the party, that is, to promote the education of the party from the "key few" to the broad masses of party members, from the implementation of the "two learning one" study and education, is to implement the party constitution on strengthening party members education management requirements, from Centralized education to the regular education extension of the important initiatives is to strengthen the party's ideological and political construction, to promote a comprehensive strict rule of the party's important deployment.

He said that the party branch is the party's grassroots organizations, can not play a role in the comprehensive strict rule of the party, to promote the cause of development is of great significance. Build a good branch, play the role of the party branch of the fighting fortress and the vanguard of the role of party members, based on learning "party". "Party" is the party's general charter and fundamental law, each party member must strictly abide by the party constitution, safeguard the party constitution.

Li Xuyan secretary from the "party chapter" of the historical evolution, important significance, the basic content and so on, talked about the understanding and experience, focusing on the "party" in the first chapter "party members" and the fifth chapter "party grassroots organizations" Talk about the experience.

Finally, Li Shuji also combined with learning and practical work, requiring branch members in accordance with the "party" requirements, talk about politics, talk about the overall situation, stresses the rules, stresses responsibility, stresses implementation, "four speak four" qualified party members.

  • The first "golden childhood happy show" staff children 's fashion show held

May 24 afternoon, June 1 Children's Day on the eve of the first "Golden Childhood Happy Show" faculty 14 years of age children's fashion show in Hexi campus college student activity center kicked off. Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Chairman of the Labor Union Zhang Aihua attended the event, our school staff and their children nearly 300 people gathered together to spend a happy time.

Activity scene singing and laughing. Accompanied by a warm rhythm of the music, brilliant stage lighting, 10 teams in turn debut, bringing a different, unique performance of the catwalk show. T stage confident full of small models who walked with the pace of light came, filled with young children lively and lovely, innocent atmosphere. Some of them are quiet and beautiful, some cool and full, some innocent and innocent, and some ignorant and lovely, brilliant performances attracted audience audience applause constantly.

Through the on-site public assessment vote, the agency branch team, packet printing college team, the management of the school team won the championship runner-up.

The activities enriched the educational life of the amateur workers, and played a positive role in promoting the construction of the campus culture and raising the happiness index of the faculty.

  • Our school "financial engineering and risk management research center" was established

Recently, our school "financial engineering and risk management research center" was established, Vice President Professor Lu Fuping attended the ceremony and speech. School of Economics, School of Automation is mainly responsible for comrades, social science department, management college, science school, automation school and mechanical college teachers and students on behalf of the main members of the center to attend the meeting.

It is reported that the financial engineering and risk management research center mainly from the "financial markets and systems", "risk aversion and security strategy", "complex system risk and simulation" three directions to the product design, market mechanisms, risk aversion, security Strategy and the use of simulation and simulation of intelligent information analysis and processing technology organically combined with the financial risk in the natural process and social system process of the two-way coupling to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the monomer risk and system risk dynamic combination of risk management comprehensive evaluation The The director of the center is chaired by Professor Du Zhiping, who is a teacher with a doctoral degree and associate professor or above from the Institute of Management, School of Science, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation. It is an interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary humanities and social sciences Research Base.

At present, the center has received more than 10 projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Fund, Tianjin Philosophy and Social Science Fund, Tianjin Science and Technology Commission Fund, etc., published by SCI, EI, ISTP, CSSCI retrieves more than 100 high-level papers. 

The center will closely focus on the development of Tianjin and Binhai New Area, the use of large data of intelligent statistical analysis and sensor network (artificial neural network) information resources on risk prevention in particular specific financial areas (such as carbon finance, ecological green finance, food Financial risk, etc., the risk analysis of the risk system, the risk analysis of the risk system using the virtual system of complex system theory to provide risk warning and prevention and control programs to serve the social economy.

  • School Leader Visit the Art Institute "Cardamom Love" graduation exhibition

May 20 morning, the school party secretary Li Xuyan, deputy secretary of the party committee, vice president Wang Xuekui, deputy secretary of the party Xia Jingbo, vice president Yan Xueyuan, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhang Aihua, Vice President Lu Fuping, Party Standing Committee, Dean Li Zhanyong came to the main campus Art Institute on the first floor of the exhibition hall, visit the Art and Design Institute 2016 "Cardamom Love" graduation exhibition. The relevant departments of the school, the art school is mainly responsible comrades to accompany the visit.

School leadership and his party has been interested in visiting the students of different professional works, listen carefully to the teachers and students to explain the students in the creation of the situation in the creation. School leaders and students to share the creative ideas of the works, the production process, listen to their interpretation of the meaning of the work and the creative process to explain the experience of students' design work.

School leaders fully affirmed the students in the creation of the show to show the human feelings, social responsibility, unique creativity and artistic thinking, the works show a clear cross, integration of innovative features to praise. At the same time, the future development of the Academy of Art, in particular, continue to play the academic advantages, enhance the campus art atmosphere and artistic quality of college students, and constantly promote the construction of campus culture earnest hope.

The leadership visit is the second phase of the 2016 "Cardamom Love" graduation exhibition, including product design, environmental art design, animation design professional graduation works. The students in the exhibition are creative, rich in content, diverse in form and fully show the rich artistic imagination and strong creativity of the students, the unique aesthetic vision and novel creative ideas, which reflects the students' understanding of professional knowledge And precipitation. This stage of the exhibition will continue until May 25.

In recent years, the Academy of Fine Arts has made great efforts to deepen the reform of teaching practice, continuously improve the quality of teaching and the practical ability of teachers and students, make full use of the advantages of discipline and enrich the construction of campus culture, enhance cohesion, college social awareness and influence continue to expand, Level of the construction of science and technology made a positive contribution.

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