Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology News and Events

The first 25 "Zhiyuan" large lecture hall to lecture

4 Yue 25 days, our school held the 25 period "Zhiyuan" Auditorium. This special invited Professor Wang Hongbo Capital Normal University College of Ma Kesi doctrine was made a wonderful lecture on the theme "Contemporary Chinese ecological Wen Ming and green" concept. This issue Lecture hosted by the Humanities and Social Sciences, from the Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Materials Science, Mathematics and Physics Department of Foreign Languages and 300 more than students come to learn to listen, Humanities and Social Sciences Lecture hosted by the Youth League secretary Shao Changfeng teacher. 

Professor Wang Hongbo tells the story of three aspects of the concept of ecological Wen Ming and green. The first political life of political Wen Ming, with particular reference to Professor Wang, the current capability of innovation in the field of aviation and military fields at the forefront of the world, cultivating innovative ability is extremely important for the contemporary college students; the second is how ecological Wen Ming coming into view, it focuses on the relationship between man and nature; the third how to build an ecological Wen Ming. We should not take the old road of Western countries, pollution first, treatment later, but should at the same time economic development, focusing on economic coordination between Wen Ming and ecological Wen Ming. 

This issue has profound instructive lecture on how the students deal with the harmonious development of man and nature is correct, especially for tourism management professional, how to engage in green tourism resources development, build ecological Wen Ming has an important guiding significance. 

Zhiyuan school auditorium lecture so far, the school has been invited professors or entrepreneurs in various fields into the school for students to bring a field of wonderful speech. Period innovative, dignified wonderful, let me college students more fully understand the current social development situation, so that timely training and improve their overall quality and the ability. 

    Profile: Professor Wang Hongbo is a professor at Capital Normal University School of Marxism, Doctor of Philosophy, Renmin University of China, Peking University postdoctoral. Mainly engaged in teaching and research work of the basic principles of Marxism, social philosophy, political philosophy. Was published in the "People's University of China", "Guangming Daily" (Theory Edition) other publications and 60 more than papers, published "Relationship between social development of individuals and groups" and 3 monographs. He chaired or participated in the National Social Science Fund, the wide range of issues of education of Humanities and social science planning research work, selected Beijing teachers, young talents plan, Beijing Social Science young talent, nurture scholars Yanjing plans. Winner of the "Fourth Beijing ideological and political theory course teaching basic skills competition first prize", was named the national ideological and political theory influence the nomination figures, the first batch of Beijing ideological and political theory course grade teacher and so on.

Central groups held a fourth national ideological and political work conference topics will learn

5 Yue 2 pm, central groups held study sessions, thematic learning the national ideological and political work conference, focusing on study of the "CPC Central Committee and State Council on strengthening and improving ideological and political work under the new situation" (Zhong Fa [2016 ] 63 number) files. School leaders and Discipline, organization, publicity, school work, research work of department heads took part in the collective learning. Party Secretary Jin-hong high learning will preside. 

All the participants original study of the "CPC Central Committee and State Council on Strengthening and Improving Ideological and Political Work in a New Situation" (issued in 31 numbers) files. Propaganda Minister Zhang Yao Bin file from the functional positioning, guiding ideology, basic principles and the eight aspects of file involved a detailed interpretation. 

The school learning is central groups fourth special study of national and Beijing ideological and political work conference. School Party 4 Yue 6 the date of issuance of the "Committee of the CPC Beijing Institute of Petrochemical embodiment on studying and implementing the spirit of the national and Beijing's ideological and political work conference", to all party members and cadres and faculty studying and implementing the national and Beijing ideological and political work conference He made specific arrangements, school organizations at all levels to carry out classification by different levels of advocacy, learning and sharing, so that all teachers and students enhance their understanding, enhance motivation, efforts to promote our school ideological and political work landing effective.

Beijing Institute of Petrochemical 35th Games Closing

4 Yue 22 afternoon, the school in Qingyuan campus stadium held its thirty-fifth session of the Games closing ceremony. 

After fierce competition, all athletes obey the command, fought hard, unity and mutual assistance, the successful completion of all events. Eventually, Mechanical Engineering, Information Engineering, School of Economics and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Chemical Engineering, College of Materials Science and Engineering Student group total breakdown of the top six. School of Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Engineering College to obtain a student group "Sportsmanship Award." Han Zhansheng, Vice President, Student Affairs Office Director Wang Wenjie presented prizes for the winning team. 

In the spring fills the campus, all the athletes who showed vigorous high-spirited style, the harvest of unity and hard work of spiritual strength, has made competition results and spiritual double harvest to further promote the flourishing of our school sports and national fitness campaign carried out.

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