Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine News And Events

  • The school held a solid set of "four consciousness" theme lectures

In order to deepen the propaganda and implementation of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party, according to the Notice of the Propaganda Department
of the Municipal Party Committee on "Doing a Good Job of Establishing the" Four Consciousness " Our school held in the South Hall lecture hall firmly establish the "four consciousness" theme lectures.
All attended the school leaders, the school level cadres and party committees (party branch) secretary of more than 130 participants, school party secretary Li Qinghe comrades as the theme of preaching.

During the lecture, Li Qing and the clerk set forth the "four consciousness" themes, combined with their own learning experience, and elaborated on the great history of firmly establishing the "four consciousness"
and resolutely maintaining the authority of the Party Central Committee and the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee Meaning and practical significance; a detailed interpretation of the
solid establishment of the "four consciousness" profound connotation and dialectical relationship; in-depth preaching the firmly established "four consciousness" practical requirements and important tasks.

He stressed that the broad masses of party members and cadres should conscientiously understand and thoroughly understand and implement the spirit of propaganda and thoroughly grasp the practical requirements
and important tasks of establishing the "four consciousness" firmly, strengthen political beliefs, stand firm political stance, maintain political power, And unswervingly uphold the central authority of the
Party Central Committee and the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, and consciously maintain a high degree of consistency in thinking with the Party Central Committee with
Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. We must adhere to the political ideals of the Communists, take the lead in practicing the socialist core values, and enhance road self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence,
self-confidence and self-confidence. To make progress, forge ahead, to meet the party's nineteenth and the Eleventh Party Congress to make a positive contribution.

The meeting once again stressed that the broad masses of party members and cadres should conscientiously implement the spirit of the "Eight Central Provisions", in accordance with the requirements of the municipal
government and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on the clean-up of administrative office space, to further unify their thinking and raise awareness, Check and correct, carefully check the use of office
space, do a good job to implement. The school will carry out special inspections of this work, such as the discovery of any concealment, omission and the unit leading cadres harboring, connivance of the situation,
once investigated, the school party committee, the Commission for Discipline Inspection will be dealt with severely.

  • School of Management for dormitory safety and health inspection.

To further strengthen the student dormitory safety management, investigation of various types of security risks, April 28 afternoon, the management of party secretary Cao Yongxing,
deputy secretary Wang Nan, Zhang Peihong led all the counsellors teachers in-depth student dormitory to carry out safety and health inspection.

The safety inspection work to focus on check the dormitory health situation, and check whether there is a private cable within the dormitory, the use of prohibited electrical safety hazards. In strict accordance
with the school "dormitory security" ten are not allowed "" requirements, careful investigation of the dormitory security aspects of the hidden dangers, careful and meticulous, leaving no dead ends.

Check that most students dormitory health in good condition, can seriously implement the "ten are not allowed" requirements, but there are still a small number of students a sense of security, there are
individual security risks. College leadership on the existence of irregularities in the quarters of the criticism and education, and requested the scene of the rectification. In the inspection process, the teachers
in particular told the students pay attention to the holiday travel safety, improve their own security awareness, to ensure the safety of life and property, while reminding students to keep valuables, pay attention
to anti-theft fraud.

Through this security check to improve the students' safety awareness and self-awareness, and effectively for the students to create a civilized, safe learning and living environment.

  • The 17th College Students' Culture and Art Festival opened

On April 18, 2017, at noon, the opening ceremony of the Seventeen "Artistic Day" was held at Beiju Stone Plaza. Attended the event of the school party secretary Zhang Lan, deputy secretary of the
Communist Youth League Zhang Jing, the college branch secretary and the school Communist Youth League teachers.

The enthusiastic hip-hop opened the prelude to the opening ceremony of the University Students' Culture and Arts Festival. First of all, the school student vice chairman Zhang Shanshan on the seventeenth college
students cultural and artistic festival series of activities made a brief introduction.

The fourth session of the "Youth Guoxue dream" classic reading contest; three, "Yang traditional culture, exhibition in the style of the world's cultural and artistic festivals by the five major activities constitute a;
" difficult to say goodbye "theme calligraphy, photography exhibition; "The fourth day of the young people anthropomorphic" small drug "image collection activities; five, seventeenth section of the
University of Arts and Culture Festival closing ceremony and" played the youth chapter, inherited the essence of the traditional "fifth day good voice Campus Singer Competition.

Then, Zhang Jing, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League of the Communist Youth League, gave speeches at the opening ceremony of the University Students' Culture and Art Festival, emphasizing that
the college students' cultural and artistic festival was an important carrier of the second class of college students' quality education, cultivating interest for students, showing youth vitality, Quality played an important role
in the platform, I hope students actively participate in the activities. At the same time, she gave thanks for all the teachers and students who had worked hard for this great festival and wished the great success of this
great art. Finally, the school Communist Youth League secretary Zhang Lan to the school student executive chairman Chen Jiahao awarded the University of Culture and Arts Festival emblem flag, and announced the
opening ceremony of the University Students Culture and Arts Festival officially began.

From the North Main Road to the teaching floor of the stone square, a variety of interactive activities full of youthful vitality in full swing. The opening ceremony is divided into three interactive stations: historical stations,
cultural stations and art stations, each site with its unique charm to attract a large number of students come to participate. Historical station "days of love", "old school calligraphy exhibition", cultural station:
"Chinese herbal medicine new style", "all in the poem", and the art station "essay Yan Yan charm" Students pay a talent and cultural feast. Students in the completion of interactive activities can be obtained after the
corresponding puzzles, and personally formed the University of Culture and Arts Festival puzzle wall.

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