Tianjin University of Technology News And Events

  • Vice President of Troyes Technical University of France was invited to visit our school

Prof. Jérôme Plain, Vice President of the Technical University of Troyes, France, was invited to visit our school. Prof. Chen Shengyong, Vice President, met with the guests. Professor Xiong Qihua,
Vice Dean of School of Mathematics and Physics, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, attended the talks with the relevant personnel of the International Exchange Office and the Faculty of Science.

Troyes Technical University is a high level of international engineering university, and our school disciplines, school characteristics have many similarities. During the talks, Professor Jérôme Plain fully affirmed the
scientific research strength of our school's campus construction and engineering field, hoping to carry out more cooperative research, participate in the related discipline construction and personnel training work,
and strive to enhance the international influence of the two schools. Vice President Chen Shengyong said that Troyes Technical University and Tianjin Polytechnic University are very focused on the cultivation
of international talent, the two schools in the training of engineers and other aspects of great potential for cooperation, hoping to further promote and deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two schools,
Through the joint efforts of both sides, in personnel training and scientific research and so on to achieve more results.

The two schools plan to sign a cooperation agreement in the near future, specifically for the implementation of international cooperation in scientific research, academic exchange, student exchanges and other related
areas of specific agreement, and the relevant professors to apply for foreign experts plan to reach a preliminary consensus.

During the visit, Professor Jérôme Plain gave a lecture entitled "From Near Field Optics to Surface Plasma Optics" for teachers and students in our school. The concept of frontier in the field of optical research
was introduced in a simple way. The concept of near field optical imaging And finally summarizes the application prospect and development trend of surface plasmas. Lecture from a new academic perspective
inspired the audience's interest in research, by the teachers and students of praise.

  • 【Tianyi Yingyun】 the thirteenth National Games martial arts (routine) project test contest held in our school

April 30, the 13th National Games of the People's Republic of China martial arts (routine) project test and 2017 Tianjin Teenager Martial Arts Championship, the thirteenth session of the
National Games Taijiquan competition project Tianjin team trials in my school new gym kicked off. From the city's 33 teams of nearly 600 martial arts athletes to participate in the competition.

The leaders of the State Sports General Administration, the Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau and the Tianjin Polytechnic University lead the tournament to the tournament and award prizes to the winning athletes.

The competition is for two days. The competition includes long fist, Nanquan, tai chi, knife, gun, sword, stick and so on. The first day of the game, the National Games Wushu routine competition departments
in accordance with the program active linkage, perform their duties to ensure the smooth progress of the event.

In order to meet the 13th National Games, our school martial arts (routine) project competition committee of the work of actively preparing for, in close cooperation with the work steadily, with full enthusiasm
and efficient action, to protect and enhance the Hardware and software services, and strive to present a high-quality, high-level martial arts event and work hard.

The new gymnasium stadium building standards for the Class A stadium, the entire building magnificent, the roof of the cable dome structure to the size of two ovals nested. A total construction area of
17,100 square meters, set the audience seats 5265 seats. The gymnasium is equipped with a professional training hall to meet the needs of athletes before the warm-up and training. This test is my school new
gymnasium after the completion of the first important event, but also on the venues facilities, personnel services, departmental linkage capabilities and other functional areas of a full range of tests for August this year,
2017 Tianjin National Games martial arts Routines laid a good foundation.

  • School leaders to check the National Games martial arts (routine) project test race preparation

28 afternoon, the school party secretary Ma Jianbiao led the National Games martial arts (routine) project test race preparation, school leaders Shi Qingwei, Zhang Hua, An Yujian, Su Feng, Zheng Qingchun,
Chen Li to participate. Ma Jianbiao stressed that in accordance with the arrangements and requirements of the organizing committee, and effectively enhance the sense of urgency, responsibility, go all out,
high standards and high quality preparations for the National Games martial arts (routine) project test the task.

School leadership and his entourage into the main stadium and the main hall of the gym, a detailed view of the competition equipment installation and related equipment debugging situation. Listened to the competition
of the various departments of the preparatory work report, requiring departments to attach great importance to the quality of preparation work to ensure the efficient and safe operation of venues.

Ma Jianbiao stressed in the inspection, the National Games test the preparatory work has entered the sprint stage, to the competition venues, equipment and facilities to conduct a careful and careful inspection
and testing, missing fill gaps.Competition departments to take full advantage of the opportunity to test the game, in practice to improve the exercise, the event organization, volunteer service, security and other
work programs to further improve and improve the end of August for the thirteenth session of the National Games martial arts success of the routine was a solid foundation.

Ma Jianbiao pointed out in the preparatory work report of the competition committee that all staff members should be good host, fully engaged, unite and cooperate to fully demonstrate the positive and healthy and
vigorous mental outlook of teachers and students of Tianjin Polytechnic University for the 2017 Tianjin National Games Add a touch of bright colors, glory for the school, for Tianjin glory.

Tianjin University of Technology Gymnasium will be held from April 30 to May 1 at the 13th National Games martial arts (routine) project test and 2017 Tianjin Youth Martial Arts Championships, then there will be
more than 600 athletes, coaches to participate in the competition

  • Our school four teachers receive a collective by Tianjin "May 1 Labor Medal" and "workers Pioneer" honorary title.

April 28, Tianjin to celebrate the "May Day" International Labor Day and recognition of the May 1 Labor Award, the workers Pioneer Assembly held in Tianjin Grand Auditorium. At the meeting,
won the 2016 Tianjin 51 Labor Award and the workers Pioneer and other honorary title of the advanced individual, advanced collective recognition. Municipal Committee, Organization Minister
Comrade Sheng Maolin attended the meeting and made an important speech.

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Zhou Xuesong, College of Art Huang Chao, School of Science Li Hongguo, school institutions Li Ran four teachers because of love and dedication,
outstanding performance, was awarded the 2016 Tianjin May 1 Labor Medal honorary title. Among them, Huang Chao, Li Hongguo, Li Ran three teachers were awarded the Tianjin 13th Youth
Teachers basic competition competition liberal arts group, science group and Tianjin thirteenth youth management cadres basic competition administrative group first prize first , Was awarded the award.
In addition, our school of art was awarded the honorary title of Tianjin Pioneer in 2016.

Tianjin May 1 Labor Award and the workers Pioneer number once a year. Through the recognition of advanced, called on the majority of the city's employees to advanced as an example, in the overall situation
of Tianjin, service reform and development to make new achievements, to continue to create a beautiful new situation in Tianjin to make greater contributions.

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