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  • The National Games start my school health marathon win

School of Physical Education, Sports Competition Training Center News ( Correspondent Peng Meng ) Beijing time on April 29 morning, the thirteenth National Games Marathon and Tianjin (Wuqing) International Marathon in Wuqing District, Tianjin Administrative Center before the square The gun starts. This is the first session of the National Games to start the first project, our school training center teacher Zhang Yingying, student Jin Mingming participated in the women's marathon team competition, won the championship. After the game, Zhang Yingying said in an interview: "Today's weather is the greatest test for us, so that each of us have played their own level, it is the marathon spirit so that we have been sticking down, thanks to the school Of the training and everyone's support. "

In the marathon there have been the most dynamic scene. Our school sports competition training center 2014 students Wang Ganghong, participated in the women's marathon individual competition, 

from the end of 700 meters, due to exhausted physical strength, four fell to the ground, three tenacious stand up, continue to the end, the fourth Times fall, no longer stand up, in the audience shouting 

cheering sound, Wang Gang red with tenacious will and unwavering faith climbed over the finish line! With blood and sweat interpretation of the meaning of hard work!

Tian Xin, president of the School of Physical Education, said after the game: "This is the sport, although tired, although not everyone can summit, but they have a tenacious heart, never give up the heart! 

Although the pain, although the fall And then climb up, but her eyes are eager, her action is to adhere to ... ... Wang Ganghong students is our example!

In addition, our school sports school students committed the founding of the country, Gao Zhongxi two students won the mini marathon runner-up. Our school students in Tianjin with the action 

written tenacious struggle, never admit defeat of the sports spirit!

According to reports, this competition set up a professional group of men, women, women groups and mass groups of men, women 5 projects. A total of 11,000 people participating, including 

professional group of 24 teams of 120 people participating. The participating units cover 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.

  • Biweekly music staged music and film and television college young teachers special

Propaganda Department news April 28 evening, bi-weekly concert music and film and television college young teachers. Young teachers Zhang Kun, Zhou Yi, Liu Huihui, Zhang Yan, Liu Hui, Shi Yan,

 Guo Jingjing, Liu Yu, who together for teachers and students presented a wonderful performance. School party secretary Jing Hongyang, principal Gao Yu Bao, vice president Liang Fucheng and more 

than 700 teachers and students to enjoy the biweekly concert.

The concert was opened in Beethoven's "G minor second cello and piano sonata Op.5.No.2". Zhang Kun pull up the strings, and Zhou Yi's piano sound wonderful fusion, played a wonderful music. 

Subsequently, Liu Huihui singing "youth dance" and "pink spring and autumn" accompanied by a relaxed and happy piano, the Chinese opera elements and modern national style show most vividly.

Liu Hui piano accompaniment, Zhang Yan singing in the German "Adelaide" and "devil", with the audience a taste of the unique artistic charm of Deao.

Shi Yan, Zhou Yi, Zhang Kun and students to bring the opera "Do not Cambridge" in the "a peach" and opera "Judita" in the "hot kiss", Guo Jingjing, Liu Yu's "A minor Double piano small

concerto "Op.94, Liu Hui and Zhou Yi's" big tango "gave the audience a hearty audio-visual experience, the concert to a climax. The whole performance in the "farewell moment" in the song

came to an end.

The performance of a good response, the audience has a lot of students participating in the teacher, vocal performance professional Li Chaoyang is one of them, he said: "I am glad to see today 

Zhang Yan teacher's performance, the teacher's professional skills deeply shocked , In the university to meet such a teacher as a teacher of this highly skilled teacher is very lucky, after the

 teachers must be in line!

  • Our school held the forty-fifth track and field games

School of Physical Education ( Correspondent Zhao Jun ) April campus, flowers bloom, spring filled. April 28 morning, Tianjin Normal University forty-fifth track and field games held a grand. 

School leaders Gao Yu Bao, Song Zuoyong, Ning Yueru, Zhong Yinghua, Liang Fucheng, Wang Qunsheng, Hu Yingjiang, Lian Jun attended the opening ceremony. Gao Yu Bao speech and 

announced the opening of the Games. The opening ceremony was presided over by Wang Qunsheng, and the representatives of the various functional departments and colleges of the school 

attended the opening ceremony.

Games opening scene

The school leaders attended the opening ceremony of the Games

Gao Yu Bao speech and announced the opening of the Games

Wang Qunsheng presided over the opening ceremony

The referee on behalf of the oath

Gao Yu Bao pointed out in his speech, both physical and personality has always been the concept of sports work in our school, the school sports culture as an important part of campus culture. 

In 2016 Rio Olympic Games, our school athletes Wang Zhen and Cai Zelin struggling to sweep men's 20 km race race champion runner-up, showing my school students indomitable, struggling spirit, 

to achieve the history of our athletic sports breakthrough. This year in August the 13th National Games will be held in the city.Our school as a handball game, will meet athletes and referees from all 

over the country. Gao Yu Bao hope that the whole school from top to bottom attention, careful organization, scientific planning, orderly advance, be sure to do a good job to complete the event contract. 

At the same time, through the high level, the national event held, vigorously promote our school sports work, so that our school campus environment, stadium construction, management and operation, 

logistics services and other work has been improved to boost the morale of teachers and students in the country People in front of Tianjin Normal University to fully display the good image and the 

health of teachers and students upward spirit.

The opening ceremony, from the school's 23 college students side team in turn through the rostrum, vigorous pace, loud slogans, showing them high-spirited, 

high-spirited spirit style, won the audience warm applause.

The Games are divided into student group and teacher group, a total of 981 teachers and students to participate in 33 competition project competition. 

In the end, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, the School of Music and Film and Television, the School of Journalism and Communication received the top 

three points of the group. School of Politics and Administration, School of Physics and Materials Science, College of Life Sciences, School of Marxism, 

School of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Elementary Education, and Chemistry.

  • School leaders meet my school won the national and Tianjin May 1 labor medal, workers pioneer advanced individual and collective

On the afternoon of April 28, the school party secretary Jing Hongyang met with our school's May 1 Labor Medal, Tianjin May 1 Labor Medalist and City Workers Pioneer 

Advanced Collective Representative, School Vice secretary of the party committee Ning Yue Ru accompanied by the meeting.

Jing Hongyang, on behalf of the school, congratulated the winning individuals and collectors to encourage them to continue to play the leading role of experts and scholars in the

construction of the school, carry forward the spirit of Tianjin Normal University, and strive to build our school into a comprehensive first-class teacher education and comprehensive university.

Recently, our school education science school, psychology and behavior research institute Bai Xuejun won the national May 1 labor medal honorary title, education science school Ji Dekui,

Marxist school Wu Jianyong were awarded the 2016 Tianjin municipal labor medal honorary title, local government rule of law research center Won the 2016 Tianjin workers pioneer

advanced group. During the meeting, the award-winning representatives briefed the school leaders on their achievements in discipline construction, personnel training, teaching and research, 

team building and so on.

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