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  • Strengthen the responsibility of ideological work to hold the school to convene the party committee center group to expand the second meeting

In order to further study the spirit of the series of important speeches on the ideological work of Xi Jinping, we will further grasp the ideological work of the school. On the afternoon of April 27, the school party committee center group held  the second (expanded) learning session and study this year. The main content is: consciously strengthen the political play, do a good job of ideological work. Party committee secretary Huang Rongsheng presided over the study meeting  and spoke.

Comrade Zhu Bianfeng, Director of the Integrated Information Research Department of the Ministry of Education, gave a tutoring report entitled "Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures" 

of Ideological Work in Colleges and Universities. The general situation of ideological work in colleges and universities, accurately grasp the new situation facing the ideological work of colleges and 

universities, the ideological trends and risk points in the ideological field in 2017, and actively carry out the four aspects of ideological work in the new situation Elaborated.

The report always focuses on the discussion of the ideological work of colleges and universities on the ideological work of the university, from the historical lessons and the dilemma faced by other countries in reality, profoundly analyzes the various tendency and harm in the field of theory and practice in our country, And put forward the concrete countermeasures of doing ideological work in colleges and universities.

At the meeting, deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Li Hua conveyed the Chongqing Municipal Committee of Education Committee, the City Board of Education on the further ideological and ideological work arrangements, mainly from the political stability, grasp the new situation of public opinion, Ideological system construction and other aspects of the spirit of the meeting were conveyed.

In his speech, Huang Rongsheng stressed that the ideological work of the school should improve the political station and ideological consciousness and actively take the initiative tostudy the series of important 

speeches of the general secretary of Xi Jinping. To strengthen the political play, earnestly carry out the ideological responsibility Different aspects and levels to do the corresponding responsibility to implement the responsibility to the people; to highlight the problem-oriented, and resolutely the ideological work in the existing  problems in place, change thoroughly; to improve the ideological understanding, and implement the requirements of school safety work.

Party committee of the Party committee of the party committee, not the leaders of the two committee members, the leaders of the two party organizations, the main person in charge of thecollege (department), 

the head of the party and the department heads and the relevant administrative departments to participate in this study.

(Ding Yufeng report editor Zheng Jinsong)

  • Think tank Chongqing Forum "and the construction of economic disciplines held in 
  • our school

In order to summarize the achievements of the third anniversary of the implementation of the Yangtze River Economic Zone, we will judge the new pattern of China's economic development and promote the
construction and development of the discipline of our school. Under the guidance of the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and Municipal Social Science Association, School and Chongqing
think tank jointly organized the "think tank Chongqing Forum" and the discipline of economic construction seminar.
From the People's University of China, Wuhan University, Shandong University, University of International Business and Economics, Nanjing Academy of Social Sciences, Chongqing Federation of Social Sciences,
Chongqing think tank and other units of more than 20 economic experts, and Chongqing relevant departments, Guangming Daily Media, "financial research" and other academic journals, Chongqing City
Investment Group and other business representatives, as well as our school of Economics and Management teachers and students on behalf of a total of more than 400 people attended the meeting, the opening
ceremony by Vice President Ding Zhongmin.
Principal Zhang Weiguo attended and addressed the history and development of the school. Zhang said that the school is promoting the "double first-class" construction, hope that the leaders, experts continue
to school development, especially the development of economic disciplines advice for the school to achieve connotative development into new vitality. Wang Jingning, chairman of Chongqing think tank, director
of Nanjing Academy of Social Sciences, Ye Nanke, director of regional economic research center of Wuhan University, Wu Chuanqing, respectively, from the "three anniversary of the implementation of the
Yangtze River Economic Zone" Yangtze River Delta Economic Development Strategy "," Yangtze River Delta city group international competitiveness.
At the stage of the report, Professor Zhang Weiguo made the academic report on "New Urbanization and Modern Agricultural Education", Professor Lin Guijun, Vice President of Foreign Economic and
Trade University, Professor Hu Jinyan, Vice President of Shandong University, Professor Chen Yanbin, Vice President of School of Economics, Renmin University of China "Integration and development does not
depend on the transport cost industry is the core elements of Chongqing development", "from the demand side to the supply side reform reform: China's macroeconomic situation and trend analysis",
"Chinese enterprises innovation ability measurement and status quo"  the academic report .
The meeting also focused on the construction of economic disciplines, as well as economic key journals and mainstream media discussion. At present, our school economics discipline has accumulated a relatively
strong teaching and scientific research strength, in recent years won the national various types of major projects 5, access to national social science funds and more than 50 funds from the subject; received a total
of 90 teaching and research achievements (Humanities and Social Sciences) Outstanding Achievement Award 1st prize 2, second prize 2, third prize 3; in the "economic research", "management of the world",
Journal of Evolutionary Economics and other CSSCI, SSCI, SCI journals published more than 500 papers published; a number of research results have been the State Council, ministries and provincial people's
government adopted; has built financial, national economics, regional economics, industrial economy Learning, statistics, including a reasonable discipline support system.
At the meeting, the experts fully affirmed the achievements of our school economics in recent years, and put forward the economic discipline construction and development proposals, in order to promote the
further development of our school economics provides a good reference and reference.

  • The Seminar of United Front Work of Zhejiang University

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee United Front Department Deputy Minister, Provincial People's Committee Chairman Lou Bingwen led the Department of the United Front Work Department of
Zhejiang Province, a line of 32 people to exchange forum.
Xu Xiaoli, deputy secretary of the school party attended the meeting and delivered a message to welcome, he briefly reviewed the school a hundred years of history, introduced the school to deepen the reform,
promote the "double first" construction and united front work of the basic situation.
Party Committee United Front Work Minister Zhou Wenquan introduced to the participants in recent years, the school in the united front work system mechanism construction, ideological and political work
outside the party, the construction of non-party representatives, united front consultation and democratic work and other aspects of specific practices.
Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Provincial People's Committee Chairman Lou Bingwen, thanks to the school's warm reception and selfless sharing, hope to
participate in the province's united front minister to grasp this rare opportunity to take the initiative to exchange experience and advanced learning. Participated in the colleges and universities in Zhejiang
Province, the United Front work minister to actively ask, to discuss the warm, harmonious atmosphere. Before the symposium, Zhou Wenquan, Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Party
Committee, accompanied the school staff to visit the school history museum and the center library, and the visitors expressed praise for the beautiful educational environment of the school. Chongqing Institute
of Socialism, Chongqing Chinese Culture College, director of the work of Qin Jiangming, school party united front all cadres to participate in the discussion.

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