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NWU Held the 2016 Annual Graduate Council Recruitment Ceremony for Alumni Association

In the afternoon of June 23rd, the 2016 Annual Council Recruitment Ceremony for Alumni Association was held in Chang’an campus. NWU vice president Wang Yaoyu, directors from relevant departments and university alumni work, counselors of the graduating class, as well as 160 members of graduate council, attended the ceremony.

The ceremony started with the reading of “A letter to Graduates of 2016” from Alumni Association followed by the announcing of grade council members. After that, university leaders presented appointment letters to council members, and souvenirs from Alumni Association were presented to members .

On this ceremony, on behalf of all graduate council members, Wei Qinxing and Yang Qian from School of History and School of Mathematics delivered speeches, in which they recalled the colorful life at NWU, expressed their deep gratitude to our university, and called on all members of the graduate council to adhere to the motto of NWU, carry forward the spirit of NWU, and carefully perform the duty as a member of graduate council to build a bridge between students and NWU in the future.

Vice president Wang Yaoyu, on behalf of NWU, expressed congratulations and thanks to the graduate council. In his speech, he reviewed the development of NWU and expected the graduate council to spread NWU spirit and make contribution to our society.

Fu Qiaomei, NWU Alumni of the 80s, Elected as One of the 10 Science Stars in China

The Nature magazine published a feature article entitled “ 10 Science Stars of China” At 1am on June 21, Beijing time, which selected ten of China’s leading scientists. One of the selected outstanding scientists is Fu Qiaomei, an NWU alumnus born in the 1980s generation. Her major contribution is that she helped to rewrite the earliest history of modern humans in Europe, and expected to rewrite the prehistory of Asian with DNA extracted from ancient human remains.

Fu Qiaomei majored in Preservation of Cultural Relics from 2003 to 2007 as an undergraduate at NWU with excellent academic performance. During her college life, she was also elected vice chairman of the student union at School of Archaeology , and won for many times the first class school-level scholarship. In 2009, Fu obtained her master’s degree at Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Science. During her doctoral research period, she collaborated her research with Max Plank Institute in Human Revolution, and furthered her post-doctoral research in both Max Plank Institute for Human Revolution and Medical College of Harvard University.

In recent 20 months, Fu has published three papers in the Nature which helped rewrite the earliest history of modern humans in Europe. One of the researches led by Fu, namely, “using ancient DNA to decode the origin of modern humans” was chosen as one of the Ten Scientific Events in 2014 by the Nature and was selected as a scientific achievement to be celebrated. In January 2016, she came back to China to be the director of DNA library of IVPP (Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Academia Sinica), Chinese Academy of Science.

Many people asked this 80s’ girl why she left the West for China. She answered, “I was curious about what happened in China and East Asia. It’s time to be back”. Fu has put her focus on the research of homo sapiens, the first to settle in Asia tens of thousands of years ago. Besides, she wanted to research the Asian history dating back to thousands of years ago. Fu Qiaomei hoped to rewrite the history of Asian ancients, and she added, “In IVPP, there are lots of DNA samples of fragmentary hominid bones that haven’t been collected.”.

The ten Science Stars of China were Wu Ji, an officer of space science; Ye Yuru, a neurobiologist ; Cui Weicheng, the deputy commander of 5000-meter dive sea trials for Jiaolong, the manned submersible of China; Yan Ning, a structural biologist; Wang Yifang, a high-energy physicists; Gao Caixia, a corps designer; Fu Qiaomei, a genome historian; Qin Weijia, a polar explorer; Lu Chaoyang, the “new star” in quantum information technique; Chen Jining, an environmental protection officer.

NWU Electronic Information Technology Experimental Teaching Center was Rated as National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

The University Leadership Appointment and Removal Assembly was held on Taibai campus in the forenoon of September 16th. Tian Xiaodong, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Party Construction Office, Chen Naixia, Director of Cadres Department of the Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee, and Xu Wenxue, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of Provincial Higher Education Committee attended the Assembly. The Assembly was hosted by Li Zhongwei, the Secretary of the Provincial Higher Education Committee.

Chen Naixia announced Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee’s decisions on appointment and removal of NWU leadership members: Wang Yajie to take up the post of NWU Party Secretary, Jia Mingde to take up the post of NWU Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President, Qiao Xueguang to be removed from the post of NWU Party Secretary and Li Hao to be removed from the post of NWU Vice President.

NWU Students participate in the Short-term Winter Educational Visit to Waseda University

At the invitation ofWasedaUniversity, 10 teachers and students of NWU take part in the Short-term winter educational visit jointly held byWasedaUniversityandJapan-ChinaCulturalResearchCenter.

During 13 days, they visited the three cities such as Tokyo、Osaka and Kyoto, and listened to a series of lectures on Japanese culture and society given by professors from Waseda University. Besides, they toured around some cultural sites, like Sensoji Temple、Kinkakuji Temple and Todaiji Temple, experienced traditional culture of Japan, like Japanese teaism、kimono、Japanese dance and sushi, and had a field trip to famous enterprises, like TOYOTA and Asahi Breweries Ltd.

This visit gives NWU teachers and students a primary knowledge about Japanese customs, traditional culture and economic social development. Meanwhile, it will improve the future exchange activities between NWU and Waseda University.

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