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  • Northeastern University opens Robot Engineering

         Written By: FanHuaEdited By: WangyuhuiResource: ShenYang Daily

                                               Update: 2017-3-27

  • On March 21, Ministry of Education announced the annual general college undergraduate professional record and approval results of 2016. In Liaoning province, a total of 33 colleges and universities added 53 new professions. Among them, both Northeastern University and Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology set up Robot Engineering, being engineering profession and four years undergraduate.

    It is known that the graduates of that profession mainly works in robot system integration manufacturers and the application of industrial robots intelligent manufacturing enterprises, engaging in the installation of robot workstations, design and transformation, automation production line design, application and other aspects.

  •  Northeastern University Makes New Breakthroughs in the Field of Mass Heterogeneous Data Integration Management and Analysis

  Written By: Wang YuhuiEdited By: Wang YuhuiResource: ChinaDaily
                                          Update: 2017-3-16
  • At present, the big data technology is widely used in various fields. Efficient integrated management and analysis technology are the key to fully tap the value of large data. The size of massive data is far beyond the ability of people to master and understand the data, which poses a great challenge to the proper use of the data. Especially the heterogeneous data, due to the lack of uniform format and specification, is difficult in the flow and sharing among various departments and software systems.

    Recently, Professor Wang Guoren, from Northeastern University, leads the project "Massive Heterogeneous Data Integration Management and Analysis Technology and Application" aiming to tackle key issues such as data integration quality, data management efficiency, and data analysis scalability. This project starts with pattern matching, data cleaning, data management and data analysis and other key technologies and achieves quality centered data integration, efficiency centered data management and scalability centered data analysis. It has played an irreplaceable role in the integrated management and analysis of mass heterogeneous data in the fields of "digital water resources", "digital medical treatment" and "digital land resources". This project has won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Ministry of Education in 2016.

    The technical achievements and systems of this project have been successfully applied to five enterprises and institutions of the seven categories of products and operational operation systems, supporting system integrators, government departments, enterprises and other units of more than 100 large scale business critical systems. It develops a massive heterogeneous data integration management and analysis platform with independent intellectual property rights. From 2013 to 2015, its accumulated new sales is 1448.021 million, increased profit is 216.663500 million, the new tax is 64.3979 million. It has made outstanding social and economic benefits.

  • Northeastern University Transaction Volume of Output Technology Ranking first in China

                 Written By: Hua FanEdited By: Lei ZhangResource: Shenyang Daily
                                          Update: 2017-3-14

NortheasternUniversity (NEU) high-tech enterprise cluster achieved revenue of about 12.3 billionyuan, net profit of 2.2 billion yuan in 2016.

According to theCollege-run Enterprises Statistics Summary Bulletin announced by Ministry ofEducation, NEU science and technology industry ranked top 3 several timesalready. While based on the annual report of the national technology marketstatistics released by the Ministry of Science and Technology, NEU transactionvolume of output technology ranked first in the country during the past 3years.

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