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  • The school held 2017 annual continuing education training, examination work conference

With the implementation of the Ministry of Education, "Higher Education Continuing Education Management Measures" (Teaching [2016] No. 7 ) implementation, higher education continuing education to non-academic education transformation has become an inevitable trend. At the beginning of the school held in the "2016 school continuing education work summary", the school in charge of continuing education work, deputy secretary of the party committee Wang Wanmin clearly put forward 2017 school continuing education work to "make full use of network information means to speed up our school to continue Education transformation and development, that is, from the continuing education to education to continue education + vocational qualifications, skills training and non-academic education and training training, and asked the Institute of Continuing Education to open up market-oriented non-academic education, to focus on building a lifelong learning system. "Wang Wanmin also stressed at the meeting, our school should continue to education for industry, business and community, should be out of the campus, industry convergence, business integration, community link, make a living resource, to achieve knowledge of the borderless flow. In order to better implement the "school 2017 party and government work points" proposed by the continuing education transformation and development goals and school leaders made the request, April 27, 2017, the continuing education college in the ninth teaching building 501 meeting room held in 2017 Education training, examination work conference. Institute of Education and Education, and more than 70 representatives of the non-academic training and examination training co-operation units attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Zhi, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Continuing Education.

Zhang Zhi first briefed the participants to the Institute of Continuing Education, "Sichuan Normal University School of Continuing Education to carry out non-academic education and training work management approach (Trial)" and "Sichuan Normal University Institute of Continuing Education to carry out non-academic examination work management approach (Trial) ".

The participants of the 35 participating organizations presented the basic profiles of their respective units, the scope of training and examination, the characteristics of their training and the scope of their business.

Jiang Hua, president of the School of Continuing Education , arranged and deployed the training and examination work forcontinuing education in 2017 . Jiang Hua briefly reviewed and analyzed the achievements and problems in the training and examination work of the School of Continuing Education in our school in 2016. The paper analyzes the policy background and development situation of the current colleges and universities participating in non-academic education and training in combination with the spirit of the relevant documents. Experiences and Practices of Non - diploma Education and Training in Brothers and Universities in and out of. In view of the current college students, members of the community examination training work, Jiang also introduced the current national vocational qualification certificate included in the types and projects, the school to carry out the training of the national basis for training programs. Jiang Hua on the School of Continuing Education 2017 non-academic education training, examination of the work of thinking to explain and explain, for the 2017 non-academic education and training put forward six requirements: First, adhere to standardized management, pay attention to market development; The top design, broaden the school of thought; Third, the development of curriculum resources, the establishment of multi-angle, multi-faceted, open-style shared shared teacher library; Fourth, the introduction of cooperative mechanisms to achieve online training; five is the quality of the core High-end characteristics of the project as a guide, always adhere to the principle of training the quality of the first; six is to improve the inspection and evaluation, adhere to the security to bad. 

For the non-academic examination training proposed five-point work requirements: First, adhere to standardize management, enhance service awareness; Second, the cooperation unit to cancel the original project fees, the implementation of ladder fees, that is, "quantitative management"; Development, co-cultivation of examination and training programs; Fourth, cooperation in the development of test training project sources must provide relevant policy basis. Finally, Jiang Hua on the 2017 continuing education training, examination work put forward the "large volume, large market, large share, cooperation to win-win; heavy management, quality, to achieve common development" concept of the work.

Luzhou set sail training schools, Sichuan Asia-Pacific Education and Training Center and Chengdu Gaowen vocational skills training schools on behalf of the three representatives of non-academic education and training and examination on the training of organizational forms, training and other related topics related to the depth of the exchange. At the meeting, the School of Continuing Education chose three people who are willing to sign with the non-academic education and training cooperation units of the Continuing Education Institute.

Finally, Zhang Zhi on my school to continue education training, the examination made four requirements: First, to strengthen communication between the two sides, to enhance mutual trust; Second, the cooperation of units should earnestly implement the "Sichuan Normal University School of Continuing Education to carry out non-education (Trial) "and" Sichuan Normal University School of Continuing Education to carry out non-academic education examination work management approach (Trial) "; third is to increase non-academic education and training, examination of the necessary hardware investment; Training and examination work to serve candidates, service students, service community, service areas and local economic development.Finally, we hope that we work together to create our school continued education non-academic education and training, test work new glory, with outstanding achievements to meet the party Of the nineteen held.

  • Our school held in 2017 grassroots party and government office director, party secretary special training

In order to deepen the institutionalization of learning and education, we will continue to vigorously strengthen the construction of grassroots party cadres. On April 27, our school organized grassroots party cadres at the conference room on the sixth floor of the seven districts of the Lion Rock Campus Party and government office director, party secretary) special training. Training will be invited to the original school party secretary, party school principals, party building experts Professor Gao Linyuan to participate in the training of members to do special training, the school grassroots units of party and government office director and party secretary to participate in training. The training will be presided over by Zhao Jian, Vice Minister of the Organization Party Committee.

Gao Lin far in the training session entitled "to strengthen party spirit, and consciously maintain the central centralized leadership" report. He pointed out that to strengthen the party spirit, consciously maintain the central centralized leadership, the first need to party members and party members and leading cadres self-cultivation, consolidate the life of the people, and constantly strengthen the moral cultivation, so quit, quit, The need for party members to correctly understand the faith, we must agree with the party's political ideas as the most basic political beliefs, build the basic beliefs. 

The third need to strengthen the "core consciousness", talk about rules, discipline, and consciously safeguard the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee. Gao Lin far said in training, to understand the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth session of the spirit of understanding "strict governance", members need to strengthen self-party self-cultivation. Strengthen the "core consciousness" is the essence of rules, discipline, the purpose is to strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee. Party cadres need to accurately grasp the central and provincial governments to comprehensively promote the spiritual and substantive requirements of the major decision-making arrangements of the party committee, and constantly promote the comprehensive development of the party from the strict management of the party to meet the party's ten Nine victory held.

In the afternoon, Zhao Jian on the training of party building business training. He was in the college (unit) party building work, how to do a good job of grassroots party ten key work with the participants to do the exchange. He asked the grassroots party organizations to build the party to maintain the purity of the main line to serve the staff and students, teachers and students as a major task, closely around the grass-roots party organizations to play the political function and service functions, and constantly Good party members ideological education, strict organization of life, standardize the development of party members, to promote the "two schools to do a" learning and education normalization, "three categories of three upgrades", party members and organization relations investigation and other ten work, solidly improve the level of grassroots party organizations. In the subsequent exchange session, Yu Qiang, director of the Party School of the Dance Academy, Liu Xiaoxue, secretary of the Party College of the School of Life, Liu Xiaoxue, secretary of the Party College of the Academy of Fine Arts, Liao Fang, three members of the Party Committee of the Academy of Fine Arts, spoke on the theme of "How to do the work of party cadres in the new situation"

Regular training of party cadres, I want to strengthen the grassroots party cadres to build a regular work. In view of the problems existing in the past training, this year the school party committee organization department will adjust the training of party cadres to the party secretary, the backbone of party members, faculty and staff party branch secretary, student party branch secretary four types of training to improve the relevance and effectiveness of training.

  • See your light - my school 18th "5.25" college students mental health section opening

On the afternoon of April 27, the opening ceremony of the 18th College Students' Mental Health Festival was held at the second stadium in Jackie Chan campus. Secretary of the party committee, principal Ding Renzhe attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The relevant departments of the relevant departments of the school and the deputy secretary of the college party committee, college students mental health service center part-time teachers, the college counseling station counselors, college students attended the opening ceremony.

Cheerful, youthful opening show for this event kicked off, so that guests and students to participate in the opening ceremony of enthusiasm, won the warm applause of the scene. Dancing the cheerful ball shiny, beautiful dancing, sweet smile shows the positive spirit of college students, both highlight the theme of the event "see your light", but also reflects the school to carry out this activity to improve our college students Mental health quality, and actively create a good mental health of the cultural atmosphere of the purpose.

Ding expressed his warm congratulations on the organization of the event and expressed his sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to the teachers and students who had paid for the activities. Ding Renzhe said, "feet are short, inch has long", everyone is not perfect, only to admit that they and others are not perfect, to appreciate themselves and others, see themselves and others in order to play more light Potential, learn the best of others, do the best of their own, with a positive attitude towards life. Therefore, he made two hopes to the students: First, hope that students should be good at discovering their own light, find their own advantages, learn to understand their own; Second, hope that students should be good at discovering the light of others, learn to appreciate others.

Ding Ren stressed that college students mental health education is related to the quality of personnel training, the school has always attached great importance to this work. He asked the college to effectively take responsibility, scientific planning, effective measures to vigorously promote the work of college students mental health education; the relevant functional departments and teachers to cooperate with the establishment of a seamless communication mechanism, perform their duties, the responsibility, Work together to our college students mental health education work to a new level.

School students mental health service center director Yang Xuemei "5.25" Mental Health Festival series of activities were introduced. The event revolves around the theme of "seeing your light", which will carry out a series of activities that fit the professional characteristics and psychological development needs of students. Activities will last for more than a month, there are a large number of rich mental health education activities, including psychological sitcom competition, "see your light" theme essay activities, "college students mental health education" easy online courses, expert lectures and psychological counseling 24 Hour online booking service, psychological drama "choice" show and so on. Yang Xuemei look forward to the enthusiasm of the students to participate in the activities to share and experience, grow and reflect, accept and appreciate the unique oneself.

Along with the rhythm of music, business school students also brought the recitation "see your light." The power delivered by the sound and the poem is expressing the attitude of our self-reliance, self-reliance and self-love, showing the light of others, the appreciation of others, and the appreciation of the subject of their own activities.

Light the crystal ball, start the "easy class" mental health network course

In a warm atmosphere, Ding Renzhe and school office director Zhang Haidong and student work minister Zhu Jianjun together bright crystal ball, officially launched the "easy class" mental health network courses.

Finally, Ding Renzhe announced the opening of the 18th "5.25" college student mental health section.

  • In 2017 the national university teachers development work exchange seminar held in our school

April 25, by the Ministry of Education National College Network Training Center and the school teacher teaching development center co-sponsored the "2017 national college teachers development work exchange seminar" in the comprehensive laboratory building 307 meeting room. The symposium was chaired by Yang Tao, director of the National University Teachers 'Network Training Center, and Guo Ying, Director of the School of Teacher Education Development, and Chen Zhiyong, Lei Yun, and leaders of 52 teachers' teaching development centers.

Guo Ying warmly welcomed the arrival of the delegates, and gave a detailed introduction to the historical development and work items of the teachers' teaching development center. She said that the Sichuan Normal University Teachers Teaching Development Center as the first batch of educational centers in Sichuan Province, to enhance the teaching capacity of teachers to carry out teaching reform as their responsibility, in teacher training, experience exchange, teaching reform and other aspects of a lot of work. Guo Ying focuses on my school "on the strengthening of our school young teachers teaching ability training work", which series of young teachers training program, including the new teachers "teaching entry" training program, young lecturer "teaching backbone" program, youth ( The teaching experience of the "excellent lesson" and "young teacher teaching contest" in recent years, the teacher teaching development center organization has been explained in detail. Guo Ying said that the current teacher teaching development center is to promote the "information technology", trying to play an important role in innovative classroom teaching methods.

At the meeting, the participants focused on the training of teachers in the development of training to carry out detailed and in-depth discussion, the main topics include: the new teacher during the training how to solve the training time and teaching time conflict, "backbone teachers" training courses how to " And how to encourage young teachers to participate in teaching competitions, how to effectively carry out teaching advice, how to teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers, Teaching to carry out effective teaching evaluation, evaluation of how to deal with the use of data and so on. The whole discussion is compact and in-depth, free and active.

The delegates expressed their sincere gratitude for the work experience provided by the Teacher Education Development Center of Sichuan Normal University. It is agreed that the university teachers teaching development center need to unite, to further strengthen exchanges, and jointly promote the development of teaching reform of teachers in colleges and universities.

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