Honghe University News and Events

Red River College sixth college student debate contest ended successfully

Recently, the Red River College sixth session of the students debate ended successfully. The college debates are divided into four stages: preliminary round, semi-finals, semi-finals and finals. After a month's competition, the Foreign Language Institute, the School of Life Science and Technology, the Faculty of Science and the International College will eventually enter the final stage. The School of Foreign Languages and the School of Life Science and Technology entered the final round of the runner-up battle, College of Science and International College for third place.

  On the evening of April 28, the sixth session of the Red River College debut was held in the music studio. From the party propaganda department, political and international relations college, sports college party secretary Li Jian teacher, enrollment and employment, student office and other departments as the final judges.

Red River College Twelfth Mental Health Promotion Month series of activities started

To promote the popularization of mental health knowledge, so that the majority of teachers and students to establish the correct concept of mental health, by the Student Department of Mental Health Education Counseling Room, Xin Yue Club hosted the Red River College twelfth college students mental health publicity month series of activities, May 4 at 10 am in the Mingde school cafeteria door. This marks the theme of "cultivate a rational and peaceful attitude, create a healthy and harmonious campus," Honghe College twelfth session of the Mental Health Monthly series of activities officially kicked off.

At the launching ceremony, the members of the Yuyue Society introduced the main contents of the event to the teachers and students, and issued the beautiful bookmarks of the consultation telephone and place with the consultation room. The teachers and students signed the propaganda banner to express their support for the activities. In the afternoon, face-to-face psychological counseling activities took over the launching ceremony, from the teacher education college, student department, foreign language college eight teachers with psychological expertise came to Mingde front, for my school more than 100 students face to face psychological Counseling, enthusiastic answers to the students raised a variety of psychological aspects of the problem.

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