Henan university News and Events

HENU Student Wins the First Prize in the National Collegiate Mathematics Competition

On March 19th, the awards ceremony of the Eighth National Collegiate Mathematics Competition was held in Beijing. HENU student NI Dadi won the first prize in the professional group. This is the second time in Henan Province that college student gets the first prize of professional group in this competition. In 2010, XU Xiaomeng, a student of HENU, took part in the national professional team final, got the sixth place and won the first prize.

The National Collegiate Mathematics Competition is sponsored by Chinese Mathematical Society, which is the highest level of basic mathematics competition for college students, holding a competition every year. This time a total of more than 38000 people participated in the professional group competition, 15 college students got the first prize in mathematics through the whole country.



HENU Applications for CSC “International Exchange Projects for Outstanding Undergraduates” Is Approved Again

On Feb. 28th, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) announced the result of the “International Exchange Projects for Outstanding Undergraduates” of 2017, and Henan University’s application was approved.

“International Exchange Projects for Outstanding Undergraduates” aims to support China’s excellent undergraduate students studying abroad, carrying out course learning, graduation project or practice activities, etc. These students can get free round-trip international travel tickets and living expenses aid while studying abroad. In 2014, 2 projects of HENU were approved for the first time, and 4 students went abroad. This time, 7 projects were all approved, and 14 excellent undergraduates from nursing, music, finance, English, Russian, Japanese and tourism management majors will study abroad in 6 countries, including the United States, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Japan and South Korea.

Guests from Complutense University of Madrid Visit HENU

On March 29th, a group of 4 people led by Juan CARLOS, director of the International Office of Complutense University of Madrid, Spain visited HENU. HENU vice president SUN Junjian met with the guests.

SUN Junjian expressed a warm welcome on behalf of HENU, and gave thanks to Complutense University of Madrid for its warm reception to our delegation recently, hoping that through this meeting, the two sides could further conducting in-depth discussions on the earlier reached cooperation intention and talk about the new field of educational cooperation. The two sides also said that the two universities could carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the respects of teachers exchange, students joint training, “Belt and Road Initiative” development strategy research, co-constructing China cultural center of Complutense University of Madrid and other aspects.

Complutense University of Madrid was founded in 1499. Its origin can be traced back to the year 1293. Now the university has 9000 faculty members and 90 thousand students, which is the largest university in Spain.

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