Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School News and Events

Professor Tao Liu from University of Toronto Visits HITSZ

Professor Tao Liu, Deputy Dean of the School of Applied Science and Engineering in the University of Toronto, visited HITSZ on 19th July, accompanied by Jingyun Bao who is the president of Longyun Innovative Ltd. for Aviation Technology. Asistant to HIT President, Exucutive Vice Director of the Preparation Office of HITSZ Liang Zhen met the guests in Room 404.

Liang Zhen gave a general introduction of HITSZ to the guests. He said that 400 undergraduate students are expected to enroll in the canpus this coming autumn, which would be a milestone of HITSZ. Majors in HITSZ would include advantages ones in HIT and those which make good complement to HIT Harbin such as Economics Management. HITSZ would focus on internationalization during its later development, for which Liang Zhen hoped to have more communication and cooperation with the University of Toronto in the future. Tao Liu then gave a brief introduction on the cooperation between the University of Toronto and universities in China. He said that Shenzhen is an open city and a large amount of innovative companies emerge in recent years. One of the technologies Shenzhen is leading the world now is unmanned plane. He thought it would be quite promising to cooperate with HITSZ in the area of Electral Mechanics. Participants had deep discussion on how to carry out communication and cooperation between the two institutions later in the meeting.

A tour to labs was arranged for the guests after the meeting. Chuang Ma, Vice Derector of the Office of Science and Technology Development, and Haiyan Guan who is Director of Office of International Affairs also presented in the meeting and the lab tour.

Professor Sean Leen from National University of Ireland, Galway Visits HITSZ

Professor Sean Leen from Naitonal University of Ireland, Galway in the area of Engineering and Information visited HITSZ on 7th July. Deputy Director of the Praparation Office of HITSZ Yingxue Yao, and Member of the Praparation Office Sumei Zhang met the guest in Room 404.

Yingxue Yao gave a warm welcome and a general introduction of HITSZ to the guset. He emphasized that HITSZ now attempts to broaden its channels to provide its faculty members and students opportunities to communicate with the world. He hoped there were more chances to communicate and cooperate with National University of Ireland, Galway.

Sean Leen introduced the National University of Ireland, Galway afterwards from the aspects of geography, environment and courses. He looked forward to future cooperation between the two institutions.

Haiyan Guan, Director of the Office of International Affairs, and Dongfeng Li, member of Recruitment Program of Global Expert (Youth) also presented in the meeting.

Academician Binxing Fang from CAE Lectures on Network Security in HITSZ

Academician Binxing Fang from Chinese Academy of Engineering gave a lecture on network security on 6th July to more than 300 faculty and students in HITSZ. Assistant of HIT President and Executive Vice Directore of the Preparation Office of HITSZ Liang Zhen hosted the lecture.

Binxing Fang demonstrated how privite information leaked through security flaw and other insecure phenomena in network space. He pointed out that security awareness should be raised for domestic websites, especially websites of universities and governments. He also analysed technology development in network security through cases from Korea and USA. Network security concerns a lot of fields such as internet of things, big data, cloud computing, mobile network, social network, sensor network, smart home, industrial control network and financial payment etc.. At the end of his presentation, Binxing Fang finally defined the concept of network security. At the latter part of the lecture, Binxing Fang answered questions from audiences on protection of network security, network security mechanism and its future development.

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