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Meeting for Building of ”Your Voices&Our Responsibilities•GZU” Network Platform

On April 28th, ateleconference for first-year running of “Your Voices&OurResponsibilities·GZU” Network Platform, hosted by China Youth Communist LeagueCenter Committee, was commenced. At the meeting, Mr. Chen Jian, GeneralSecretary of the Party Committee of Guizhou University(GZU), gave a speech ——Guidance of the CPC, Common Development,Make the Most of “Your Voices&Our Responsibilities·GZU” Network Platform asthe only representative of colleges and universities presented and lectured.

On April 29thmorning, several school leaders including Chen Jian, Luo Changjiang, Yang Weiand Li Junqi attended the Meeting for Building of ”Your Voices&OurResponsibilities•GZU” Network Platform. Representatives, most of whom areDeputy Secretaries of the Party Committee from several departments andfaculties, persons in charge of Youth League Committee(YLC) and studentrepresentatives participated in this meeting.

Long Wen, Deputy Secretaryof YLC of GZU(Executive), introduced running conditionsof “Your Voices&Our Responsibilities•GZU” Network Platform”. As one of 100pilot universities, GZU put its network platform into operation on September 16th,2015, the same day as that of Provincial Party Committee. At present, GZU havereceived 2114 questions, 2489 answers from experts and 1736 positive commentsthrough this network platform. Positive running conditions have graduallyplayed an important role on “Reflect the voices of youth, Response to thedemands of youth, safeguard the rights and interests of youth, serve the growthof youth”.

Many participantsstated their proposal for further improving”Your Voices&OurResponsibilities” platform. Luo Changjiang, Deputy Secretary of the PartyCommittee of Guizhou University(GZU), emphasized guidance for students’studying and security, and improvement of the platform from overallperspective. Yang Wei, taking the same position as Mr. Luo, said the platformhad made several remarkable fruits including prompt solution to student-concerned difficulties and better guidancefor students’ growth. Li Junqi, Vice President managing the logisticsdepartment, said he and his department would make efforts to serve students. LiYun, from YLC of School of Economics, said the platform could get approval fromstudents because it pay attention to students’ essential interests.

Then, Mr. Chen Jianaffirmed fruits had gotten from the platform. Additionally, he emphasized theimportance of responsibilities of YLC, and promotion of the platform undercircumstances of “Internet Plus” to do best to serve students. At last, he gavesincere wishes to students for Youth Day.

It is reported that“Your Voices&Our Responsibilities·GZU” network platform has taken strictand accurate measures, and coordinated various resources to promptly solveconcerned problems, which helps students improve themselves. Through analyzingdemands of students. the university has still developed several well-targetedoffline activities to serve the young, and received positive response.

GZU Library holding the 5th Reading Day Award  Show

Update time:2016-04-27

Network of GZUNEWS(journalist: Yan Chun; reported and recorded by Zhang Xue )

   In the evening of 23rd April, the5th Reading Day Award show was hold in the Multi-functional hall ofwestern school library. On the show, the top ten students, who borrowed booksfrom the library for the most and students who took partyin the prize awarding activity were awarded. There are mainly entertainmentperformances and four rounds lotteries on the show.

   Programs including the declamation of poetryperformed by Art troupe from School of humanities, solo of compunction andFency(a dance in Han Dynasty) performed by School of chemistry, songsaccompanied by students from School of Yangming on the guitar and other 5performances won floods of applause from audiences.

   On the show, thetop ten competitors on the book-borrowing list and the first, the second andthe third prize of the Essay Contest, photos-taking competition and micro-videocompetition are respectively awarded with certifications and prizes. LiuYuchuan, students in major of safety engineering in School of Mining, wasgranted the title of the reading star. He said: “ the personality of onehave nothing with the number of books he has read, whether can he absorb andsublime the knowledge in the books is what really matters.

President Zheng Qiang:GZU Belongs to Guizhou

In recent years, the rank of all kinds ofuniversities has come together. However, what is the standard of a gooduniversity? Facing the variety of lists, Zheng Qiang, the deputy to theNational People’s Congress, the president of GZU, gave his views that: GZU Belongs to Guizhou.

In the face of university ranking, Zheng Qiang insists that the status of university significantly depends on theservice ability to the local development. In other words, the performance andstatus of the university must see the degree of support and devotion to thisplace.

Rooted in and facing Guizhou province, representative Zheng Qiang said that in recent years GZU had offered a batch ofcharacteristic specialties serving the development of local economy and societyin some colleges including the College of Liquor-making and the College of BigData and Information Engineering. Recently we have been making arrangements forTea College of GZU with MeitanCounty. There are fivebiggest business cards promoted in Guizhou,including smoke, wine, tea, tourism and the traditional Chinese herbalmedicine. Now we have built the “Five Golden Flowers” to cultivate the talents.To live up to this great cause, we only return the love of the whole provincepeople for us.

GZU has made considerable progress byinsisting on serving the local place and diversified school-running strategy.The representative Zheng Qiang told that an academician of ChineseAcademyof Engineering and two Changjiang Scholars were elected in GZU in three years.And over 30% among the teachers has a doctoral degree. The key to improve thehigher education of Guizhouor central and western regions is talent support and cultural self-confidence.In the second year of the twelfth Five-Year Plan period, the CPC CentralCommittee launched the promotion program of central and western regions,including allocating one hundred million to support the construction offourteen universities per year. But the support from this program only lastsfour years. Now we hope that the support to the universities should be givenfor another five years.

Director of East China Jiaotong University Affairs Committee Wan Ming visited GZU

On May 18, accompanied by the viceDirector of University Affairs Committee Yang Weimin, Chen Jian, the Directorof University Affairs Committee, met with the Director of East China JiaotongUniversity Affairs Committee Wan Ming and his delegation in Cultural Academy.Party Committee Office, Foreign Cooperation Department, Personnel Departmentand other relevant departments responsible person attended the meeting.

       Chen Jian extended hiswarm welcome to Wan Ming and his delegation first. He said: “GZU isthe only 211 Project key University in Guizhou province.” with over one hundredyears history and a wide range of disciplines, GZU has made apositive contribution for the local economic construction of Guizhou Province.GZU has always been warm and hospitable and welcome the fraternal colleges toshare the ideas and support the development of GZU.  

       After that, the both sides conducted a comprehensivethorough exchange and discussion on the idea of School Management, thedevelopment of the School, the training of talents, the construction of characteristicdiscipline,the construction of serving local economic, and other aspects.

       Wan Ming thanked to the GZU for its warmreception. He hoped that the both sides could share a great deal ofinformation and further deepen the exchange and cooperation with each other.

       Prior tothe meeting, Wan Ming and his delegation had visited our Cultural Academy, HistoryMuseum of GZU, and West Campus.

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