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students of CQUPT win the highest award of MCM in 2017

Recently, the results of MCM 2017 have been announced and three students—Feng Yiqing, Fu Guanyu, Liao Liucheng from School of Computer Science and Technology of CQUPT won the highest award—Outstanding Winner under the guidance of Professor Zhang Qinghua. It is not only one supreme honor our university has received in the history of MCM competition, but also the only university  of Chongqing to be granted with this award in the competition. In 2017, a mere 14 teams won awards, including such prestigious universities as University of California, Berkeley, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with a wining ratio of only 0.158%.

MCM, as the only international mathematical contest in modeling, started in 1985. It is also the most significant mathematical contest in modeling throughout the world, focusing not only on the originality of problem-studying and problem-solving, but also on reasonableness of teamwork, communication, and outcomes. The contest of 2017 was conducted from January 20 to 24, 2017, attracting 8,843 teams that participated in the contest from a number of prestigious universities like Harvard University, Princeton University, West Point Military Academy, Massachusetts Institute of technology, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University from such counties and regions as America, China, Britain, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, and Singapore. Our university sent 50 teams to attend the MCM in 2017, having gained 1 Outstanding Winner, 5 Meritorious Winners, 28 Honorable Mentions, outpacing other Chongqing’s universities in terms of the award-wining level and ratio.

Mathematical contest in modeling serves as one of the largest-scale academic competitions of our university. In order to conduct the competition better, CQUPT has specifically worked on five aspects and achieved good results, having set a good example all over Chongqing and even the whole country. Firstly, we have worked on the Top-Down Design: Working Implementation Plan of Students’ Scientific and Technological Cultural Innovation Activities of CQUPT and The Implementing Plan of Deepening Education Reform of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of CQUPT, introduced successively to enhance the construction of our university’s innovation system; secondly, we have combined courses with the competition: having combined higher mathematics with the mathematical contest in modeling, and mobilized teachers and students to participate in it to enlarge the range of participation; thirdly, we have strengthened the guidance based on different level and classification: having highlighted the key issues. and built a team with four level competitions—MCM, CUMCM, Municipal MCM, University-level MCM; fourthly, we have enhanced the construction of teachers: having built stable instructing team of mathematical modeling based on the teaching team; fifthly, we have made great efforts in investment and safeguards: having established platform for mathematical experiment, and implemented teachers’ guidance and incentives.

“Sports & Culture Competition For Overseas Students in China” Southwest Division Games Ends and Our University Team Pushes Forward Into the Finals

With the ending of the directional cross-country race, in the morning on June 26th, the 2nd“Sports and Culture Competition For Overseas Students in China” Southwest Division Games ended successfully at Fengyu Playground. During 3 days of the competition, more than 300 Chinese and foreign students, team leaders and coaches from 23 universities of 8 provinces and cities (municipality) in Southwest Division gathered in CQUPT to share this event; to just sweat, to bloom vitality; to make friends; to share happiness.

Director Zhou Xu of Municipal Education Commission, President Li Lin and Vice President Liu Yanbing of CQUPT, and relevant leaders from International Office of Municipal Education Commission, News Propaganda Department of College Students’ Sports Association as well as CIMALP (China) Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. attended the closing ceremony.

On the closing ceremony, the host successively released the name list of the top-3 team scores, the top-8 sports art show teams, the top-8 3×3 basketball game teams, the top-8 directional cross-country race teams and the prize for the best organization.

By means of their excellent performance, Yi Chun University, Guangxi University and CQUPT won the first, the second and the third places respectively, and they will represent Southwest Division to attend the national finals which will be held in Beijing this September.

The top-8 teams that won the sports art show are as follows: Guangxi Normal University, Guangxi University of Nationalities, Guizhou University, Chongqing University, Tongren Vcational and Technical College, Hunan Normal University, Jinggangshan University and CQUPT. The top-8 teams that won the 3×3 basketball game are CQUPT, Yichun College, Guizhou University, Guangxi University, Xinyu College, Guangxi Normal University, Chongqing University, and Chongqing Science and Technology University. The top-8 teams that won the directional cross-country race are Guizhou Nationalities University, Yichun College, Guangxi University, Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, University of South China, Guangxi University of Nationalities, Jinggangshan University, and Hainan Normal University. CQUPT won the best organization prize.

Director Zhou Xu, President Li Lin and the other leaders respectively awarded winning teams with trophies and certificates. Zhou Xu announced the Southwest Division Games came to a successful conclusion.

A Cooperation Agreement is Signed between CQUPT and China–ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd. for the “Information Silk Road‘’

In order to proactively respond to the Belt and Road Initiative and advance China’s education along with the Belt and Road Initiative, CQUPT signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd. in the morning on April 28. To serve for the construction of the “Information Silk Road”, the two parties will work to push forward cooperation on cultivating international information technology talents, scientific research coordination, and innovation and entrepreneurship education, and participate in the task of building “China-ASEAN Information Harbor” with ten ASEAN countries.

At the meeting between President Li Lin, CQUPT, and Lu Dongliang, Chairman of China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd. and his delegation, the two parties exchanged their opinions on cooperation including professional personnel cultivation, scientific research, etc. Subsequently, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement and promised to make full use of their resource advantages of professional personnel, teachers, scientific research and internationalization to cooperate on scientific innovation and results transformation in such fields as big data, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things, and cloud computing. That is how both parties can provide professional personnel cultivation and professional training for the personnel of communication industry in ten ASEAN countries and play a positive role in building the “Information Silk Road”.

According to the requirements of the Belt and Road Initiative, China and ten ASEAN countries including Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia reached an initiative to build China-ASEAN Information Harbor together in the first China-ASEAN Cyberspace Forum in 2014. The initiative covered the construction of five platforms including infrastructure, technological cooperation, economic and trade service, information sharing and cultural exchange. In April 2016, the State Council approved to establish China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd. which served as a platform to build and operate China-ASEAN Information Harbor and implement key projects. The services provided by the company include system integration and equipment manufacturing related to communication and information businesses. In order to facilitate economic, social, technological and cultural exchange between China and ASEAN countries, the company stays committed to recruiting top talents, bringing in advanced technologies and cultivating superior abilities, and it aims to make China-ASEAN Information Harbor a core communication hub and an information industry base which centers Guangxi Province, covers southwestern and south-central China and targets ASEAN countries by establishing a Internet Plus ecological circle.

Professor Wang Guoyin of CQUPT Is Elected Chairman of the Steering Committee of International Rough Set Society

CQUPT News (provided by School of Computer Science and Technology) Recently, the International Rough Set Society (IRSS) announced results of the general election (once every two years) launched at the end of 2016, and Professor Wang Guoyin was elected Chairman of the IRSS Steering Committee.

The International Rough Set Society is an international academic nonprofit organization that aims to provide academic exchanges on rough set theory and its application. It is composed of scientific and technical personnel engaged in rough set theory and related fields. CQUPT is one of the early units in our country to carry out rough set research. Professor Wang Guoyin is a scholar of the Society, and Professor Zhang Qinghua and Professor Yu Hong are senior members of the Society. Professor Wang Guoyin has been committed to the research of intelligent information processing for a long time, and achieved a number of achievements in rough set and particle calculation, knowledge discovery, cognitive computing, big data mining and other aspects. He has once served as chairman of the Advisory Committee of IRSS and director of the Society. Now, Professor Wang Guoyintakes up the key post of IRSS, which is a reflection that CQUPT has made important achievements on the scientific research, academic exchange and international cooperation in the field of rough set, promoting the academic status and academic influence of in rough set of our university.

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