Guangdong University of Technology News and Events

The Visit of Vice President from the University of Western Australia

On the afternoon of December 1st, Vice President Zhang Li, together with the dean of our Computer College Lin Jie, the dean of our International Education College Chai weisi etc. met with Mr. Lain Watt, the Vice President of the University of Western Australia, and Mr. Mark Reynolds, the dean of Computer College from the University of Western Australia. Vice President Zhang Li, firstly expressed her warm welcome to the visitors, and then representatives from Guangdong University of Technology and the University of Western Australia jointly signed an agreement of Mutual Recognition of Credits for the introduction of their major Computer Science and Technology into GDUT. In the afternoon, Mr. Lain Watt and other officials visited the Computer College and gave a lecture to introduce their university. Mr. Mark Reynolds displayed a variety of academic activities held in their Computer College, and explained their students’ relevant courses and career prospects in detail. During the lecture, many students interact with the speakers frequently, creating a lively atmosphere.

Purdue University Northwest Visited GDUT

On the morning of November 17th, Vice President Zhang Li met with Vice Chancellor,Dallas Kenny, of Purdue University Northwest and the director of Asia, JakeunCho.  

Zhang Li showed her best regards to Dallas Kenny and introduced the progress during the High Level University Construction Project and its globalization, specifically in the field of faculty training, studentsexchange, 2+2 program and scientific research. As one of seventh selected university,she said, we hoped to broaden students’ horizon and cooperate more deeply with universities abroad so as to make contribution to Guangdong’s development. She believed that the discussion with PNW would yield fruitful results.

Dallas Kenny thanked Zhang Li’s kind words and returned with the newest development of PNW. Heexpected the further development in terms of 2+2, 3+1+1, students’ jointeducation and faculty exchange in order to realize the globalization and scientific research capacity of the two universities.

The Visit of Griffith University

On the afternoon of September 19th, President Chen Xin and Vice President Zhang Li,together with the dean of Environmental Science and Engineering College, NingXunan, the director of Bio-medicine College (under construction), Tanwen, thedirector of Academic Performance, An Taicheng, the Director and the DeputyDirector of International Office, Huang Kaisheng and Huang Xincheng, welcomed the visit of President Ian O’Connor of Griffith University and his Australian delegation in 702 reception room, and they exchanged ideas on students’ jointeducation and scientific research.  

 President Chen Xin sent his warm welcome to Ian O’Connor and introduced the strategic positioning of GDUT in the wake ofGuangdong’s industrial transformation as well as the progress in faculty improvement, students’ cultivation, R&D, entrepreneurial education, andinternational cooperation. He expected more substantial collaboration of jointresearch platform overseas and, in particular, students’ joint education so asto have complementary advantages, an uplift in reputation and higher social benefits.  

 Ian O’Connor thanked the welcome and hoped towork with GDUT to enhance the R&D and bring global vision to students.Prof. Zhao Huijun, the director of Future Environment and Energy Center of GU,introduced the school’s progress after Australian New Columbus Project and its world renowned disciplines like arts, biological medicines, nursing care etc.Attendees from both parties had a deeper discussion about joint education mode.  

Guests from British Consulate General in Guangzhou Visited GDUT

On the morning of June 20, Vice President Zhang Li met with Mr. Ralph Rogers, the cultural and educational consul of the BritishConsulate General in Guangzhou, in Mega Center Campus of GDUT. The two sides exchanged views on scientific and educational cooperation. Vice President Zhang Li firstly expressed her warm welcome to the visitors, and then introducedour university's international goals and progress in aspects of talent introduction, scientific cooperation, international exchange and student training in the course of promoting the construction of high-level university. Ms. Zhang Li hoped to cooperate with UK universities, research institutes and government sectors in terms of teacher and student training,joint establishment of overseas platform and co-organization of international conference etc., and wished to obtain support and investment from relevant government. She believed that the cooperation between Chinese and British government and educational institutions will bring about a win-win situation.          

    Mr. Ralph Rogers appreciated Vice President Zhang Li’s warm reception. He pointed out that British government attached great importance to educational cooperation with China. Meanwhile, GDUT, as ahigh-level university in Guangdong Province, is also a significant partner of the Cultural and Education Section of the British Consulate. Mr. Ralph Rogersintroduced UK government on internet information platform, funded projects among governments and in the UK, hoping that both sides will explore more areas of cooperation on the basis of existing collaboration.      

Mr. Yu Lin, Director of the Department of Development and Planning; Mr. Huang Kaisheng, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and Ms. Zeng Zhiying, Deputy Director of Personnel Department,separately introduced the situation of GDUT in the construction of high-level university, international cooperation and communication and teacher training. The two sides held extensive and in-depth discussion in terms of personnel training,student exchange, scientific research cooperation and co-establishment of platforms.

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