Zhejiang Gongshang University News and Events

  • Delegation from Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology Visited ZJSU

On March 31st, delegation from Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology (SIST) led by Noguchi Boichi, President of SIST visited ZJSU. Chen Shoucan, President of ZJSU and Dai Wenzhan, Vice President of ZJSU met the guests. Tao Ying, Director of International Affairs Office and WuLing, Vice Dean of the School of Oriental Languages and Culture along with other colleagues also attended the meeting.

President Chen had a friendly and frank talk with the Japanese guests. He reviewed the history of cooperation between the two universities and extended his appreciation to Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology for its care of the exchange students from ZJSU. Then Chen gave a brief introduction of the recent development of ZJSU and great progress in internationalization made in the School of Oriental Languages and Culture. He hoped that the two schools would keep promoting exchanges and cooperation on the basis of the existing platform to achieve more outcomes in exchanges of teachers and students and scientific research cooperation. In response, President Noguchi introduced basic information and recent development of SIST and expressed warmest welcome to teachers and students from ZJSU coming to visit. At last, President Chen said that although tremendous changes of the two sides, friendship between the two sides stayed unchanged and would last forever . It has been over ten years since ZJSU established an official friendly relation with SIST in 2006. Consistent exchanges of teachers and students between the two sides has been made since then. So far, ZJSU has sent nearly 60 exchange students to SIST. Many leaders of ZJSU have visited SIST and it is the second time for President Noguchi to visit ZJSU.

  • Vice President of California State University, Chico Visited ZJSU

On March 31st, Mr. Frank Li, Vice President of California State University, Chico visited ZJSU. Dai Wenzhan,Vice President of ZJSU met the guests. Directors from International Affairs Office also attended the meeting.

On behalf of ZJSU, Dai extended sincere welcome to Frank Li and made a brief introduction of ZJSU and its current achievements in international education. Dai attached great importance to the internationalization of ZJSU and called for further cooperation and more exchanges of teachers and students between the two universities. In response, Frank Li briefly introduced California State University, Chico, especially on its preponderant disciplines, hoping to conduct further exchanges and cooperation in fields of Information Management and Interior Design.

California State University, Chico, built in 1887, is the second stated-owned university in California State. It has been consistently listed on the top of "Best Universities on the West Coast of the U.S.” in News &World Report. The university ranked the 8thon the list of “Top 50 Colleges of High Cost Performance in the U.S.” in 2016’s Fortune. The university is located in Chico, California, whose motto is "today decided tomorrow", illustrating a down-to-earth matter on today as well as an optimistic attitude towards the future. It is well known for its top-class research institution and beautiful campus with a population of more than 16,000 students, including over400 international students from more than 60 countries.

  • Delegation from Curtin University visited ZJSU

On March 20th, Li Shilin, Director of International Affairs of Curtin University, Australia and Lv Liang, Executive of its China Affairs visited ZJSU. Li Jun, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of ZJSU, met the guests.

On behalf of ZJSU, Li Jun expressed his warmest welcome to Li Shilin and Lv Liang and introduced recent main achievements of ZJSU in teaching and research. He indicated that while Zhejiang Province and Western Australia are sister provinces, ZJSU and Curtin University also shared highly-consistent subject background, which laid a solid foundation for friendly cooperation between the two universities. Li Jun hoped that a platform for promoting teaching, research and student exchanges could be built by both sides for the sake of cooperation and win-win situation.

In response, Li Shilin agreed that as a university co-constructed by provincial and ministerial governments, ZJSU possessed great advantages in its preponderant disciplines such as Statistics, Food Science and others, which indicated a promising future for cooperation. He also hoped to expand new channels of cooperative exchanges, educational programs as well as high-level schooling cooperation between the two sides.

On behalf of ZJSU, Li Jun granted a Distinguished Professor certificate to Li Shilin. Later, Li Shilin made a lecture of "Creative Economy and Culture" in the School of Public Administration, receiving warm responses from teachers and students. In addition, he also had in-depth discussion with directors in charge of relevant discipline construction and from relevant schools on detailed cooperation in Statistics, Actuarial Science, Logistics Management, Information Systems and Project Management, etc.

Curtin University, founded in 1967 in Perth, Australia, with more than 40,000 students in campus, is known as the "MIT" of Australia as a members of the Australian Technology Network (ATN). It is one of the twelve universities of Australia which consecutively ranked the world's top 200 universities for three years according to the Times.

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