Chengde Medical University News and Events

Our school held undergraduate teaching work audit assessment, Chinese medicine professional certification work to promote the meeting

To meet the first half of 2018 the Ministry of Education on the undergraduate teaching evaluation and evaluation of the second half of 2018 Chinese medicine professional certification, the school on May 11, 2017 in the administrative building on the third floor conference room held undergraduate teaching audit review , Promotion of professional certification of Chinese medicine. Vice President Tang Shiying and the functional departments and teaching faculties, departments, department heads, teaching supervision group and members of the material group attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Tang Shiying.

At the meeting, the school evaluation and construction of the deputy head of the reform, Zhang De, deputy director of the Office of Academic Affairs under the "Chengde Medical College undergraduate teaching review and evaluation work program" and "Chengde Medical College of Chinese medicine professional certification program" in the work process The need for the semester of the various functional departments, the faculty, department, department completed the task was arranged on the school to start the development of "2017 version of the undergraduate professional training program" was deployed. Du Shaojie, deputy director of the research group of the building materials group, and Du Shaojie, deputy director of the research department of higher medical education, gave a comprehensive introduction to the task division and work arrangement of the group of materials, and made clear the requirements and timetable for the evaluation of project materials. Participants discussed the contents of the two "work programs" and the specific work carried out.

Vice President Tang Shiying requires all units and departments to work in accordance with the work schedule and time node of the two "work programs". The work is carried out in an orderly and efficient manner, requiring the person to be responsible for ensuring that the work is in place and effective. Undergraduate professional training program to integrate into the new concept, to consider the new requirements, to reflect the overall and local relevance, to grasp the scale of the total hours, to study the follow-up guidance of teaching documents. And the material group members put forward specific work requirements. Tang Shiying called on the whole school from top to bottom to unify the idea, change the concept, to undergraduate teaching audit assessment and professional certification of Chinese medicine as an opportunity to conscientiously implement the five educational philosophy, do a good job in daily management, and actively promote education and teaching reform, Teaching Quality.

Professor Shao Shaojie, deputy director of the research department of the building materials group and director of the medical education research department of the higher medical education department, gave a comprehensive introduction to the task division and work arrangement of the group of materials. 

School held 2016-2017 school year second semester school-level teaching check preparation

On the afternoon of May 3, 2017, the school held a preparatory meeting for the second semester of the 2016-2017 school year in the conference room. Vice President Tang Shiying and the head of the hospital (department, department), the person in charge of teaching, teaching secretary, teaching inspection expert group members, academic office of the relevant departments attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Vice President Tang Shiying. Xu Xiaohui, deputy director of the Office of Academic Affairs in the last semester to check the problems found in the teaching units and the rectification of the feedback was reported. Zhang Lei, deputy director of the Office of Academic Affairs of the teaching of the focus of the work, the specific arrangements and work requirements to the participants made a detailed arrangement. The first group of experts responsible for the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of Psychology, Department of Chinese medicine, social science department, clinical skills center of the teaching work management routine inspection; the second group of experts responsible for the basic medical school , The Department of Nursing, the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Ministry of Foreign Language Teaching and the Ministry of Public Sports, and the third group of experts are responsible for lecturing on the courses offered by the school department (including international students). The fourth group of experts is responsible for the Assessment program and proposition papers to check; the fifth group is responsible for organizing the teachers and students on behalf of the symposium and student questionnaire. 

Tang Shiying, vice president of the teaching of the important links to emphasize, and the experts put forward two requirements: First, through the teaching inspection supervision and guidance of teaching work, training experts, to strengthen the teaching work routine, teaching management routine learning; Second, for our school 2018 audit assessment and professional certification work, requiring the teaching units to pay attention to check the details, to strengthen the key project inspection, such as: to strengthen lectures, classes, test papers and student graduation thesis and other projects to check There is a lack of serious rectification. 

School-level teaching inspection is an important mechanism of teaching quality monitoring system, but also our school adhere to the past 30 years of a routine teaching management. The report will be conducted on May 23rd. 

Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Qiu Yamin and his party to visit our school to carry out ideological and political work research

On the afternoon of May 9, 2017, Qiu Yimin, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Chengde Municipal Committee, Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, United Front Work Department, Education Committee, Mission Municipal Committee and other departments responsible comrades and his party composed of six members of the city's ideological and political work Group visit our school, held a symposium, special research ideological and political work. 

Party secretary Liu Yongping and party propaganda united front department, organization department, academic department, Communist Youth League, social science department and the department heads of the party branch and teachers and students attended the meeting. At the meeting, Vice Minister Qiu Yumin on the purpose of this research, tasks and significance were described. Liu Yongping secretary to "create a national civilized campus as the starting point for the socialist core values to take root" as the title, reported the ideological and political work in our school to carry out the situation: First, attach great importance to a unified understanding of the country, the province's ideological and political work Third, strengthen the theoretical study, inherit the spirit of medical education, improve the ideological and political quality of teachers and students; Fourth, clear the full education of the people; the third is to strengthen the ideological and political education; Fifth, reinforce the ideal and faith, advocate unity of knowledge and practice, and strive to practice the socialist core values; Sixth, carry forward the main theme, the dissemination of positive energy, volunteer service activities flourish. 

The ideological and political work of the school, the ideological and political theory teaching, the united front work, the anti-cult work, the student's socialist core values education and ideological and moral education, teachers and students ideological and political education work methods and the ideological and political work of the school, The results achieved, the ideological and political work of the highlights and other aspects of the investigation, the participants with their own work in fact a thorough, comprehensive and meticulous discussion. 

Vice Minister Qiu Yamin pointed out that Chengde Medical College had a long history of ideological and political work and had a good tradition. The school party committee had attached great importance to ideological and political work for a long time, and there were bright spots, especially in spiritual civilization construction and volunteer service Has achieved remarkable results and excellent results. Many of the experience and practice worthy of other colleges and universities in the city which promote and learn from. The school will be ideological and political work throughout the education and teaching and school management in all aspects, to play the traditional advantages and innovative ideas, to promote ideological and political education play a spring rain, moisturizing effect, forming a good education environment. The school has emerged as one after another like Wang pupil pupil, Gao Xiao Heng such advanced models and exemplary groups. Hope that the school to further sing the main theme, to fight the active battle, the dissemination of positive energy for the comprehensive development of students to provide a strong theoretical support, ideological leadership, public opinion, spiritual incentives, cultural support.

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