Hubei University of Chinese Medicine News and Events

Information Engineering Institute held a lecture professor 2016 annual work assessment meeting

  The Institute of Information Engineering in Tanhualin campus held in Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professor Mao Zusong 2016 annual work assessment meeting. Professor Deng Wenping, Professor Bai Chunqing and Shen Shaowu, composed of assessment team, Professor Mao Shusong 2016 years of work carried out an assessment. Information Engineering Institute executive vice secretary Yu Minrong presided over the assessment meeting.

At the meeting, Professor Mao Shusong summed up the completion of the 2016 annual work from the aspects of young backbone teachers and postgraduates, domestic and international academic exchanges and subject construction. Assessment group control contract, carefully check the information, agreed that: Professor Mao Shusong successfully completed the 2016 annual lectures professor job tasks.

Yu Minrong pointed out in his speech, Professor Mao Shusong a year to seriously fulfill their duties, the successful completion of the 2016 annual work. Hope that Professor Mao Shusong in the future in scientific research, discipline construction, young backbone teachers and graduate training, etc., continue to provide guidance and help for the Institute of Information Engineering, to further promote the development of academic disciplines.

Pakistan Information Technology Institute visits our school

Syed Nurulain, associate professor of the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) from Pakistan's capital Islamabad, and a foreign teacher from Pakistan, visited the laboratory of the Institute of Geriatrics, Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Vice President, Professor Wang Ping, Director of Institute of Geriatrics, Prof. Wu Hezhen, Dean of School of Pharmacy, Professor Yu Qiuyun, Director of Department of Pharmacology, Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education Liu Junfeng, Chen Linlin Associate Professor, Young Teachers of Basic Medical College Shi and Yuan, Cheng Jing, Lin Li , Institute of Geriatrics Laboratory postdoctoral staff and graduate students attended the meeting.

At the symposium, the two sides introduced their respective research areas and cooperation intention. Syed Nurulain introduced the basic situation of the Pakistan Institute of Information Technology, said the purpose of the visit is to study the Alzheimer's disease and other research areas and my school to seek research cooperation projects, but also hope that the future have the opportunity to select Pakistani students to our school Short-term or long-term exchange, to carry out post-doctoral research work, and welcome our students or teachers to go to the school for cooperation and exchange.

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