Guangdong Lingnan Institute of technology News and Events

Lingnan Vocational College went to Zhaoqing to participate in Guangning  science and technology innovation activities

On December 23, Guangdong Lingnan Vocational and Technical College admissions office director Chen Jianbin under the leadership of the School of Medicine and Health Yang Fengqiong, Assistant Dean Yang Yanxiong and the School of Health and Health teachers and students on behalf of a total of 20 people, and the Institute of modern manufacturing Tian Jing, Dean Assistant Zhou Yun and modern manufacturing college teachers and students on behalf of a total of 15 people went to Zhaoqing to participate in a wide range of scientific and technological innovation activities.

Prior to this, the Guangning Middle School as the first station in 2017 enrollment, 21st  Director of Enrollment Chen Jianbin, assistant director of the School of Medicine and Health Yang Yuxiong, Dean of the Institute of Modern Manufacturing Zhou Yun and his entourage into Zhaoqing Guangning Middle School, convened a wide Ning middle school.  10 high class teachers  conducted a forum to introduce the specific situation of Lingnan and School of Medicine and Health, the establishment of the exchange of micro-credit group.  This year, Guangning Middle School has more than 1,200 high school students, about 1/3 students enrolled 3B institutions, of which 685 people apply for the 17 years of academic level examination, and made a high school students of the public. 

"I am a member of Communist Party" speech contest staged

In order to further implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the teachers and students of the 18th Party Congress will be guided by the "Party Committee", and the "Member "speech contest in Guangzhou campus library fifth floor. The party secretary Fan Haixing, deputy secretary of the party committee and other party leaders and more than three hundred teachers and students party members, party members attended this event to watch the game, the college 14 party branch sent a total of 31 teachers and students to participate in the competition. The process was held with  of ups and downs, anyway it was brilliant.

Then, the game officially began. The first is the student group competition. The contestants have to resort to eighteen martial arts, to make interpretation of their own, to show their own style. Students from the School of Medicine and Health Li Ruiqiu combined with their own professional characteristics. For example, Dr. Lin Mingxiang vividly explained how to be a good communist.

Student members of the players are closely linked to the theme, from their different perspectives about their own imagination of  the party members of the different mentality of the process, showing that party members are faithful, loyal and reliable, dare to play, positive as a good spirit. 

Zhengzhou City Vocational College Dean Guan Xuezeng visited Guangdong Lingnan Institute of technology. 

In the afternoon on December 22 Zhengzhou City Vocational College Dean with his eight students visited Guangdong Lingnan Institute of technology.  

President Zhu Jiayong, Vice President Chen Sidong, Dean Liu Danqing and relevant departments attended the reception. 820B conference room which is in Library building held this forum.

At the meeting, President Zhu Jiayong expressed his sincere welcome to the guests from far. He hoped that the visit of the delegation would facilitate the exchange of study. Director Liu Danqing briefed the guests on the basic situation of our hospital, the construction of the campus and the characteristics of running a school, and the two sides had deepened the exchange of experience in deepening the experience of school-enterprise cooperation and the reform of personnel training mode.

In the form of innovation and personnel training reform model Guan Xugeng of school-enterprise cooperation strongly appreciated that the visit learned a lot of advanced experience, but also feel the hospital's strong conditions and construction scale, look forward to the two sides to carry out a higher level Exchange and cooperation.

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