Fujian Normal University News and Events

Commemorate the "General Secretary of Xi Jinping" 5.17 'Speech at the Symposium on Philosophy and Social Sciences "Anniversary Seminar Held in Our College

The symposium was held at the Qishan Campus on the morning of May 16th. The School of Marxist Studies, the National Center for Political Economy and Social Sciences with Chinese Characteristics and the Fujian Provincial Philosophy Society, the Fujian Ethics Institute and the Fujian Dialectical Materialism Research Association , Fujian Provincial Historical Materialism Research Association jointly organized. Fujian Provincial Party Committee of Social Science, Feng Chaohua, Fujian Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Director of the Department of Li Qi, the former president of the school, the Chinese characteristics of the socialist political economy research center director Professor Li Jianping, deputy party secretary Pan Yuteng, and our school and Part of the brothers and universities on behalf of experts, our school propaganda department, social science department head, Marxist college teachers attended the forum.

Pan Yuteng on behalf of the school welcome speech and briefly introduced the development of philosophy and social science in our school the basic situation. He pointed out that Professor Li Jianping, one of the two representatives of the province, was invited to attend the symposium of philosophy and social science held by General Secretary Xi Jinping, which was the glory of all the teachers of philosophy and social sciences in Fujian Normal University and Fujian Province. The school will take this symposium as an opportunity to start the implementation of philosophy and social science innovation project, the implementation of philosophy and social science education programs, academic strength to enhance the plan, research team and platform construction plan, scientific research and innovation ability to enhance the plan to serve the social capacity to enhance the plan, Scientific research system mechanism innovation plan and other six plans to continuously consolidate the Marxist philosophy and social science in the field of guidance, comprehensively improve the quality of philosophy and social science education and teaching, accelerate the construction of scientific and social science innovation system, and vigorously cultivate high-level philosophy and social science talents, Promote the development of school philosophy and social sciences to a new level.

Fujian Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary - General Lu Kai - jin for my school undergraduate ideological and political theory courses

On the afternoon of May 14, Fujian Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary-General, Provincial Committee, Fujian Provincial Party Committee Policy Research Director, our school visiting professor Lu Kai-chi was invited to our school social and historical college 16 undergraduate students teaching ideological and political theory course. Deputy secretary of the school party committee Pan Yuteng, Marxist academy in charge of teaching vice president, some teachers attended the lecture.

Lu Kei-jing to "Fujian Province thirteen five development strategy thinking" as the title, analysis of the current economic development of the world's overall situation, to explain China's current economic "new normal" specific performance. He focuses on the thinking of the development strategy of Fujian Province in the 13th Five-Year Plan, and puts forward the concrete measures of implementing the five development ideas in Fujian Province, and looks forward to the bright future of Fujian's development in the light of the rich connotation of "re-ascending the new stage and building new Fujian". This lecture has a broad field of vision, detailed information, language humor, won the students bursts of applause.

The lecture is one of the series of lectures on the "big lecture hall" set up by our school of Marxism. The auditorium aims to promote the "situation and policy" curriculum modular teaching reform, the well-known experts and scholars, with rich practical experience of leading cadres and various advanced figures and other high-quality resources into the undergraduate ideological and political theory class. In this semester, the Marxist Academy has held six series of "Situation Lecture Hall" series, inviting our school principal Wang Changping, Professor Xiao Guiqing of Tsinghua University, Professor Xu Yafen of Xiamen University, Qiu Yi, deputy mayor of Liancheng County, Fujian Province, Students' warm welcome and praise.

Our school held emergency evacuation training disaster prevention and mitigation

May 10, our school in the Qishan School Building 6 Building to carry out a "to reduce community disaster risk, enhance grass-roots disaster reduction capacity" as the theme of disaster prevention and mitigation emergency evacuation drills. School of Geography, School Hospital, Qishan campus security team nearly 300 teachers and students to participate in the exercise, from all the units of the school more than 200 representatives of teachers and students to observe the exercise, coffin vice president, propaganda department (civilized office) , Security department, research department, school hospital and other department heads attended the exercise activities.

Drill simulation earthquake struck when the earthquake early warning, emergency hedge, emergency escape, the wounded search and rescue, summing up the comments and other five links, participating staff close collaboration, norms in place, do a good demonstration show, observe the teachers and students to seriously observe and learn Essentials, played a precedent to point with a good effect. Tu Rong in the summary of the hope that all units of the school through the disaster prevention and mitigation activities to further enhance the safety and risk awareness, and effectively disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency shelter knowledge and education as quality education, life education and public safety education Important content, constantly unremitting, and constantly improve the staff and students awareness of disaster prevention and disaster prevention and disaster prevention and disposal capacity to ensure the school safe and stable.

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