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President of DUT Guo Dongming met Zhang Zhicheng Vice-Director of Chinese Intellectual Property

On the morning of 9 May, President of DUT Guo Dongming met Zhang Zhicheng Vice-Director of Chinese Intellectual Property, Professor Wu Donghan, domestic famous expert in intellectual property and Li Changchun, director of Liaoning intellectual property. Song Yongchen, vice president of DUT, standing committee of DUT party committee, relative people from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Technology Research and Development Institute accompanied the meet.

Mr. Guo firstly showed thanks to Chinese Intellectual Property for its fully support to the construction and development of DUT. He said that DUT highly pays attention to the work of intellectual property and has made better effectiveness in creating, applying, protecting, managing and serving intellectual property. The holding of Northeast Summit of Intellectual Property and the unveiling ceremony of Liaoning International Exchange and Cooperation of Intellectual Property Rights Base represented the state's and Liaoning province'sapprove of DUT work in intellectual property. DUT is going to take its advantage of intellectual property on cultivating talents, researching and social serving to support the strong of Liaoning province and the fast development of China.

Mr. Zhang expressed that DUT has formed a series of featured works on intellectual property, created good cultural atmosphere and achieved many remarkable results. The influence of intellectual property had improved constantly. UT has a national intellectual property strategy and implementation research base, intellectual property colleges and other platforms. He hoped that it can fully play the role of personnel training and think tank and make great contributions for a new round of revitalization in northeast old industrial base and the strong of China.

After the meeting, the unveiling ceremony of Liaoning International Exchange and Cooperation of Intellectual Property Rights Base and Northeast Summit of Intellectual Property hold in lecture hall of Bochuan Library.

DUT signed an agreement with University of California at Irvine to carry out joint education project

On the afternoon of April 10th, Guo Dongming President of DUT and Howard Gillman President of California University at Irvine signed an agreement for joint education in the main building conference room 412. They decided to co-organize a project called "Dalian University of Technology---California University mechanical engineering and automation professional undergraduate education project" to cultivate talents who have international sight.

Mr. Guo showed a warm welcome to President Gillman Howard’s visit, and made a brief introduction about the school scale, development history, discipline construction, personnel training, international cooperation and the situation in other aspects. Mr. Guo said that the joint school, marking the friendly relations between two universities into a new stage, was to further deepen exchanges and cooperation upon early results, and he believed that relying on the advantages of both sides will promote solidarity of knowledge in natural science.

President Howard Gillman introduced the basic information of the University of California at Irvine. He said that it was pleased to carry out joint projects with Dalian University of Technology, University of California at Irvine will fully support the project construction and train more compound international talents and expect future bilateral cooperation in more fields. At the meeting, two sides also discussed the specific content of cooperation. After the meeting, President Gillman Howard accompanied by Mr. Guo, visited the State Key Laboratory of fine chemicals in our school, micro nanotechnology and system key laboratory, engineering training center, precision and special processing laboratory of the Ministry of education.

University of California at Irvine, founded in 1965, is a public university of research and is one of the ten campuses of the University of California system. For many years this university ranked the top tenth among all public universities in United States.

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