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School building environment and energy application engineering professional assessment report conference held smoothly

At 9:30 on May 9, 2017, the school building environment and energy application engineering professional assessment report conference in the main building 506 conference room. Party Committee Standing Committee, Vice President Liao Ruijin, Department of Architecture, Academic Affairs Office, Laboratory and Equipment Management Office, Party Student Student Work Department, Real Estate Management Office, Planning and Finance Department and other functional departments, Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering College Party and government leaders and college buildings Environmental and Energy Applications Engineering teachers and student representatives attended the report. Professor Zhang Xu, Professor of Tongji University, Prof. Liu Jing from Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor He Yan, Senior Engineer of Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute of Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Ltd. Li Guoqing, a professional assessment expert group The The meeting was presided over by Professor Hu Xuebin, member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department of the School of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering.


Liao Ruijin greeted him on behalf of the school on the arrival of professional assessment experts expressed their welcome. Liao Vice President recalled the history of our school and the development process, focusing on the interpretation of our school emphasis on undergraduate professional education to train high-quality specialized personnel as the core objectives of the school concept, pointed out that the teaching quality assurance system for the importance of school personnel training


Members of the expert group on the status of the undergraduate education of the professional questioned, Dean Professor Li Baizhao, vice president of Professor Ji Fangying, Professor Chen Jinhua, director of the questions raised by experts in response to the questions.



President Zhou Xuhong Meets with Thomas Schmidt, Minister of Environment and Agriculture of Saxony, Germany

On May 9, President Zhou Xuhong met with Thomas Schmidt, Minister of Environment and Agriculture of Saxony, Germany. Vice President Liu Hanlong attended the meeting.

Zhou Xuhong on behalf of Chongqing University welcome delegation to visit. He introduced the history of Chongqing University, school characteristics, teaching and research and international cooperation and exchanges and other aspects of the situation. Zhou Xuhong said that Chongqing University and German universities and research institutes have long been cooperating with the German Chemnitz University of Technology, Düsseldorf University, Hannover University and other schools signed an inter-school cooperation agreement. Our school is awarded a number of undergraduate students to Düsseldorf University, University of Munich and other long and short exchange of learning, and the University of Hannover, University of Munich, Munich University of Technology, Dresden University of Technology, Aachen University of Technology University of the joint development of doctoral programs. Scientific research cooperation, our university micro-nano systems and new materials technology international joint research center, and Germany Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany Fraunhofer ENAS Institute in the field of microelectromechanical systems for fruitful scientific and technological projects and talent Training cooperation and exchanges, the two sides of the cooperation project with remarkable results, by the German Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology highly praised, known as the Sino-German cooperation model. Zhou Xuhong hope that with the joint efforts of both sides, Chongqing University and German universities and research institutes to achieve further breakthroughs.


Accompanied by the German Consul General in Chengdu, Shi Ke, members of the Saxon State Council, according to Naisi Si Pulinger, general manager of the Saxony Economic Association Peter Knottnag, Saxony State Council members Gunde Wilt, Director of the Institute of Equipment Modeling and Simulation at the Fraunhofer Institute, Director of the Raohehoff Institute, Director of the Institute of Equipment Modeling and Simulation, Rhine Hart Streete, Senior Representative of the Fraunhofer Institute in Shanghai Shi Min, Representative of the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou, Yanshi Hildebrand, Assistant Director of Environment and Agriculture of Saxony Ronnie Ernat, German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Chongqing, Chongqing, on behalf of Yang Smith, Saxony Ministry of Environment and Agriculture Press spokesman Yogo Foster, Saxony State Economic Association in Beijing Liaison Office chief representative Ma Yingwei, Germany in Chengdu Consulate General Assistant Huodan Qi, and Chongqing Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office staff Luo poetry. Our International Cooperation and Exchange Office, photoelectric engineering college related person in charge attended the talks.



Our school held undergraduate teaching work audit assessment training


On May 8, Wang Zhijun, the former deputy director of the Ministry of Education Evaluation Center, was invited to the Chongqing University. He was invited to take an assessment of undergraduate teaching work entitled "Seize the Opportunity and Build a First-class University" in the Democratic Lakes Report Hall in Area A Training report. In the school school leaders, the Standing Committee of the party committee, the principal assistant, all levels of teaching teacher, the Department (Department) director, the school deputy level and above the leading cadres of more than 400 people attended the training. The training will be chaired by Vice-Chancellor Liao Ruijin.


Wang Zhijun at the height of the national level, around the development of higher education, from the audit and evaluation of the core ideas, the construction of modern university strategic tasks, do a good job review and evaluation, building first-class university and other three aspects were elaborated. He hoped and wished my school to assess as an opportunity, the school formed a consensus, and seek common development, the school construction and development to a new level, to build a world-class university goals steadily


Wang Zhanjun pointed out that the core of the audit assessment is the idea of "to promote." There are three major ideas: first, to colleges and universities as the main body, emphasizing the quality of education is the main body of education, self-assessment and self-improvement; second, to students as the fundamental, emphasizing all education and teaching activities are for students Development, and strengthen the evaluation of student learning achievement, pay attention to the evaluation of the quality of teaching students, do a good job of student learning satisfaction survey; third, with data to speak, emphasizing the cyclical assessment to normal monitoring and evaluation, strengthen the normal quality of education and teaching Monitoring and timely improvement.

Wang Zhijun stressed that the overall guiding ideology of the audit assessment is: adhere to the "assessment to promote, to promote evaluation, to promote assessment, assessment and construction, focusing on the construction" policy; highlight the construction of the school, highlight the characteristics of development; Positioning, strengthening the status of personnel training center, and strengthen the construction of quality assurance system. And from the "four degrees" on the school personnel training objectives and the effect of the implementation of the status of the evaluation: school orientation and personnel training objectives and social needs of the adaptability of teachers and teaching resources on the school personnel training to protect the degree of teaching and quality assurance The effectiveness of the system operation; the satisfaction of students and social employers.

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