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ADMISSIONS INFORMATION FALL 2017 Introduction to the International Master of Fine Art (IMFA),

China Academy of Art

The China Academy of Art, formerly the National Academy of Arts, was established in 1928 as a center for specialist studies in the Fine Arts. The Academy is located in Hangzhou, the provincial capital of Zhejiang province, which is one of China’s most economically and culturally developed provinces. The Nanshan Campus sits beside the West Lake, Xiangshan Campus at the foot of the Xiangshan Mountain. Tranquil and visually exquisite, it is an ideal setting for the practice and study of the Arts. The Academy’s ten specialist schools for Chinese painting and calligraphy, painting, design, inter-media, sculpture and public art, media and animation, architecture, art and humanities, manual art, art education and management, all presently accept international students for Masters and PhD level study. At present, nearly 700 international students from 90 countries are studying at the Academy.


The International Master of Fine Art degree program commences in Fall 2017. This three year program requires full-time residency in Hangzhou, China, and focuses on Contemporary Art which involves the intensive creative practice of art work in all visual arts media (studio art, photographic arts, digital arts, conceptual design, social practice and relational art and installation). Instruction is in English, and Chinese language is not a prerequisite for application. Special emphasis is also placed on the academic study international approaches to art history and theory. Elective courses of Chinese language and culture will be enable students to take maximum advantage of their presence in China and understanding its current cultural realities. Studio facilities, in a wide variety of media, are made available to all IMFA students who will participate in public exhibits of their art work as well as academic forums, critiques and workshops aimed at the International community. Frequent visiting artists and scholars, both in-person and through internet, will offer insights and feedback on the artwork created in the IMFA. For the first year, IMFA students will be selected from art colleges and universities in the United States only. As the program grows and develops, students from other countries will be included in the IMFA until the overall mix of the program. Ten students will be admitted in 2017 academic year.

The 9th International Printmaking Conference and Exhibition

The 9th International Printmaking Conference and the exhibition “Print in the Post-Print Age” opened on the September 22, 2015.

The IMPACT conference is held in the lecture hall at Nanshan Campus, CAA. CAA president Xu Jiang, Vice Chairman of IMPACT Carinna Parraman, Director of the Advanced School of Art and Humanities, Cao Yiqiang, and Dean of Printmaking Department of Royal Collage of Fine Arts Jo Stockham delivered speech in the conference, and more than 200 scholars, artists and students participated in the opening.

The exhibition “Print in the Post-Print Age: the First CAA International Printmaking Biennale” is opened at 16:30 at the Art Museum of CAA.
president Xu Jiang, famous painter Quan Shanshi, chairman of the Chinese League of Printmaking Zhao Zongzao, vice chairman of IMPACT Carinna Parraman, professor Su Xinping from CAFA and dean of Printmaking Department of Royal Collage of Fine Arts Jo Stockham, among with other honored guests were present at the opening.

The exhibition will last till October 7, 2015.

Thousand-Year Narratives: Documentary and Art Exhibition Opens Today 

In the afternoon of October 21, the opening ceremony of Thousand-Year Narratives: Documentary and Art Exhibition was held at the Art Museum of CAA. The exhibition was part of the 2015 International Conference on the Kizil Cave Paintings. The attending experts were:Deputy party secretary of China Academy of Art Liu Zhen; Director of the Asian Art Museum, National Museum in Berlin Klaas Ruitenbeek, Professor of Department of Architecture and Art History at Harvard University Eugen Y. Wang; Head of the Department of Asia Art at the Yale University Art Gallery David Ake Sensabaugh; Director of Ancient Chinese art at the Simthsonian Institution of National Gallery in Washington J. Keith Wilson; Curator of the Chinese and Central Asian Collections at the British Museum Clarrissa von Spee; Professor of Tokyo University of Art Ichiro Sato; Professor of Kyoto City University of Arts Miyamoto Michio; Director of the School of Intermedia Art at China Academy of Art Gao Shiming; Deputy Director of School of Plastic Arts at Central Academy of Fine Arts Luo Shiping; Vice Director of Plastic Arts at Central Academy of Fine Arts Wang Yinsheng; Director of Art Studies at Dunhuang Academy China Hou Liming; Research Fellow of World Religions at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Zhang Zong; Research Fellow of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum Jia Yingyi; Research Fellow of Chinese Academy of Culture Heritage Guo Hong, etc. The Vice President of China Academy of Art Wang Zan hosted the ceremony, and Luo Shiping, Hou Liming, Liu Zheng made speeches respectively.

Silk Road and Meditations: 2015 International Conference on the Kizil Cave Paintings was jointly organized by China Academy of Art and Xinjiang Kucha Academy. The conference would be a response to the state guidelines, and devoted to enhance the constructions and the culture transmissions of the Silk Road. This is the first time that China holds such an conference on Kucha studies, which provides an overview of the research on art history, theory of art practice, archeology and other related topics of this field. More than 100 delegates from 11 countries such as China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and Taiwan were participated in this big event. The conference received more than 40 treatises discussing Kizil cave paintings and the Silk Road culture and develpment from multi-disciplines and different perspectives.

The Thousand-Year Narratives: Documentary and Art Exhibition Theme demonstrated the art works created by three generations of Xinjiang Kucha Academy, and some great works from other areas of China. In order to inherit and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, and promote the ideas of Application of Colors in present art creation, the exhibition showcased both art works and related documents. Under such circumstances, the multiple means of contemporary paintings become prominent, and may gradually form a distinguished oriental artistic language system. The works of Rock paintings created by the teachers and students at China Academy of Art, Tibetan Thangka, and the copies of murals at Shanxi are also on display.

The exhibition will continue till October 26, 2015.

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