MianYang Polytechnic

Mianyang vocational and technical college is in mianyang city people's government held a comprehensive vocational colleges, now the national demonstrative higher vocational colleges. School originated in the 1933 jiangsu suqian glass division vocational schools, upon the approval of the people's government of sichuan province, in 2001 by the sichuan school building materials industry, industrial school in mianyang, mianyang three mechanical and electrical industrial school merge upgraded to vocational and technical college, mianyang 2015 hydroelectric part into professional schools. Since school, the school grasps "the good faith as the base, the ability for this, innovation as the soul, characteristic of wing" educational philosophy and the "school by relying on quality, characteristic schooling, the talent strong school" of managing strategy, always rely on and docking technology city construction and the regional industry, for the purpose of social services, employment entrepreneurship oriented, push forward the integration education, cooperative education, personnel training quality and education levels rising, conveying a large number of high-quality technical skills talents for the society. School has won the national vocational education advanced unit, best civilized unit in sichuan province, sichuan province college graduates employment work advanced unit, etc, are classified as high-end technology skills of undergraduate education in sichuan province, the first pilot universities, pilot colleges and universities in sichuan province, the first modern apprenticeship, comprehensive test innovation reform pilot colleges and universities in sichuan province. School is the ministry of education of national building materials industry vocational education teaching steering committee, deputy director of the unit, higher education institute, vice President of units, mianyang, sichuan province vocational education group, chairman of the unit.

School covers an area of 700 mu, building area of nearly 300000 square meters, total assets reached 630 million yuan, of which the teaching experiment training number of instruments and equipment 12958 units (pieces), worth 124.988 million yuan. Schools to engineering as the main body, set up department of materials engineering, department of mechanical and electrical engineering, department of information engineering, computer science department, department of construction engineering, management, engineering, humanities sciences, arts, etc. Eight department and school of marxism, two secondary innovation entrepreneurship training institute, 55, has higher vocational professional covering electronic information, equipment manufacturing and other 13 categories, 30 professional field, in which the central financial support, such as national demonstration professional training base project 2, 5, Sichuan province key construction professional three; National fine course 15 door 1, provincial excellent courses, course 11 provincial excellent resources sharing. The existing more than 11000 people, higher vocational school students. Existing staff 784 people, of which the orthometric title 29 people, the subtropical high titles, 149 people. The ministry of education industry vocational education teaching steering committee member of the five people; Sichuan outstanding teaching team 2, college of engineering technology innovation team 2, 1 teaching masters; Provincial and municipal science and technology achievements evaluation experts 29 people; Huang yanpei 1 outstanding teacher award winner, 3 national skills talents cultivating outstanding contribution award winner, mianyang, 1 top ten business leaders.

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