Continuing Education And Masters Programs For Henan University Of Technology International Student.

Henan University of Technology (HAUT), approved by the State Ministry of Education and Henan Provincial Government in May 2004, was established on the basis of the amalgamation of Zhengzhou Institute of Technology and Zhengzhou Polytechnic Institute. HAUT has presently 20 teaching units; 1 doctoral program for national special need; 18 first-level and 108 second-level disciplines for master programs; 18 key discipline of provincial level; 67 bachelor programs; 5 characteristic specialties of national level and 10 of provincial level. The campus at present has over 40000 students, including over 30000 full-time undergraduates and junior college students and 1300 post graduates along with more than 100 international students and 8500 students pursuing continuing education.

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