Harbin Normal University China

Harbin Normal University (HRBNU) was founded in 1946, and was ranked “Excellent” in the “Evaluation of University Baccalaureate Programs Project” issued by the Ministry of Education. It is the center of teacher training on Chinese International Promotion, higher teacher education, higher education in arts, educational science and research and teacher training in Heilongjiang Province. The university covers 495.98 hectares with a total floor space of 1,600,000 squire meters. HRBNU covers wide branches of learning, also a very high quality of faculty and advanced facilities ensure a top teaching. The university has 2 mobile centers majoring in Chinese Language & Literature and Maxism Theory for post-doctoral research, 10 state-level subjects, 31 doctoral degrees, 110 master degrees and 51 bachelor subjects reaching economy, law, education, arts, history, science, engineering and management branches of learning, with the total enrollment of 42,000 students. HRBNU has developed several academic exchange programs and intercollegiate relationships with over 30 universities in the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of South Africa, as well as other countries and regions.

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