Chengdu University of Technology

Chengdu university of technology was founded in 1956 on March 15, approved by the state council to establish, on March 27, joint mandate, higher education and the geological department at chongqing university of geology, northwest university and nanjing university based on the engineering part of geology, at the same time from Beijing institute of geology, northeast institute of geological section cadres teacher form chengdu institute of geological survey, school year began to enroll undergraduates. After the establishment of the university, the petroleum department, the second department and the third department of Beijing institute of geology moved in successively. Chengdu institute of geological exploration was renamed chengdu institute of geology in 1958. In 1960, the university began to enroll graduate students. In 1981, the university became one of the first batch of universities authorized to confer master's degree after the restoration of the national degree system, and in 1984, it was authorized to confer doctor's degree. Chengdu institute of geology was renamed chengdu institute of technology in 1993, and chengdu university of technology was established with the approval of the ministry of education in 2001. The university has been directly affiliated to the ministry of geology, the ministry of geology and mineral resources and the ministry of land and resources. On November 3, 2010, the ministry of land and resources and the people's government of sichuan province signed an agreement to jointly build chengdu university of technology. In September 2017, the university entered the ranks of national first-rate discipline construction universities.

After 60 years of construction and development, the school has become with institute of technology is given priority to, in geology, energy, resources, science and technology, environmental science to their advantage, in chemical, material, electronics, machinery, information science, management science, and other professional disciplines of multiversity, bachelor, master, doctor 3 degrees, professor and PhD supervisor qualification approval. In the long-term practice of running the school, the school has formed the enterprising spirit of "not willing to be the last, dare to be the first", the academic philosophy of "study in theory, achievement in the work" and the fine tradition of "hard work, hard work".

The school is located in the urban area of chengdu, with an advantageous geographical location. The campus covers an area of 2887 mu and a construction area of 970,000 square meters. There are 36,353 full-time students, including 30,540 undergraduates and 5,194 full-time graduate students. It has 17 teaching institutes, 1 institute of sedimentary geology and 1 institute of geological survey. There is also an independent college (school of engineering and technology, chengdu university of technology).

The university has 68 undergraduate enrollment majors (categories), including 8 national-level specialty, 4 national-level specialty comprehensive reform projects, 12 provincial-level specialty comprehensive reform pilot projects, 13 provincial-level specialty comprehensive reform pilot projects, and 2 provincial-level application-oriented demonstration majors. School education "outstanding engineers training plan" is the ministry of education in colleges and universities, the national professional education "outstanding engineers training plan" pilot (including independent recruitment of students direction) 7, the provincial education "outstanding engineers training plan" pilot professional 19, "outstanding talent education of agriculture and forestry cultivation plan" at the provincial level professional pilot 1, provincial outstanding legal talent education program "pilot professional one, provincial excellence" journalism talents education program "pilot professional one.

The university has seven first-level doctoral programs and 20 first-level master's programs, covering 10 disciplines including science, engineering, humanities, management, economics, law, philosophy, agriculture, education and art. One level of the national key disciplines (geological resources and geological engineering), 3 secondary national key disciplines (geological engineering, mineral survey and exploration, the earth exploration and information technology), 1 national key (foster) subjects (mineralogy, petrology, mineral deposit), 14 provincial level key disciplines, applied chemistry, environmental engineering, solid geophysics, geotechnical engineering, paleontology and stratigraphy (including paleoanthropology), signal and information processing, structural geology, geochemistry, oil and gas field development engineering, quaternary geology, material science, nuclear technology and application of management science and engineering, Mineralogy, petrology, mineralogy), 1 provincial key (cultivation) discipline (applied mathematics). One discipline (earth science) is listed in the top 1% of ESI global rankings, and the science group of earth science is listed in the national "double first-class" construction discipline.

The university has a faculty of 3,396, including 271 professors and 584 associate professors. Flexible introduction of high-end experts (academicians) 34 people. As of December 2018, won the "national outstanding technical talents" title 2 people, 2 great contributions to the young and middle-aged experts "national", "national outstanding youth science fund" four people, "the China youth science" five people, "the ministry of education" cheung kong scholars program distinguished professor 2 people, "ten thousand plan" national high-level personnel special support programs leading personnel 2 people, "national pacesetter engineering candidate 8 people," "discipline appraisal group members of the state council" 3 m, 1 sichuan top talent cultivation project to develop a target, "one thousand plan" in sichuan province 13 people, Enjoy special government allowances of the state council "specialist 99 people, obtains the title of" outstanding contributions outstanding experts in sichuan province "35 people, the title of" academic and technical leaders of sichuan province "73 person-time, academic and technical leaders a backup 134 people in sichuan province, the national outstanding teacher 2 people, 1 national famous teachers, teaching masters seven people in sichuan province, sichuan province 3 outstanding teachers, 1 outstanding education workers of sichuan province, sichuan province virtue pacesetter 1 person, There are 1 national-level teaching team, 1 national natural science foundation innovation group, 1 "changjiang scholars and innovation team development plan" team of the ministry of education, 8 sichuan provincial science and technology innovation teams, 16 sichuan provincial department of education science and technology innovation teams and 6 sichuan provincial teaching teams, which have won 5 national teaching achievement awards. The university has been awarded the honorary title of "advanced collective of employment work for college graduates in sichuan province" for several times, and was selected as one of the top 50 universities with typical employment experience for graduates in 2011-2012. In 2016, the university was approved as sichuan innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration club and sichuan innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration university. In 2017, the university was rated as a state-level model university for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. In 2018, the university was selected as one of the top 50 national universities with typical experience in innovation and entrepreneurship in 2018.

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