Study In China School-Chang'an University

Situated in Xi'an, Chang’an University is a key university directly under the administration of the Education Ministry of the People's Republic of China and also listed as “211 Project” to be invested and constructed by the state.   

Founded in 2000, the University offers a broad range of programs now, including 76 undergraduate programs, 96 master programs and about 45 doctoral programs. It is a natural whole with the disciplines of Chinese languages, management, economics, law, education, literature, medicine, etc.   Chang’an University boasts a campus that has a floorage of 1.7million square meters. The campus is wooden and green, surrounded by lush trees and fragrant flowers. The University offers a comprehensive range of supporting services for all students and teachers, with all major facilities easily accessible on campus. It has also built the trunk network of its Campus Computer Networks and has set up interactive network teaching platforms centered around multi-media course wares. The University library has over 2,740,000 books and periodicals, its web-based catalogue and homepage guide you to high-quality resources, as well as providing detailed information on all library services.   Chang’an University pays great emphasis on international cooperation and exchanges and has established cooperative ties with many universities and research institutes worldwide. It also invites famous foreign scholars and political personages to be the part-time professors, honorary professors or guest professors. The University has currently 11 programs for more than 58 international students. Most of them have been awarded a diploma as well as a degree certificate after their completion of all courses according to schedule. Apart from that, the University has 15 foreign teachers from different countries and regions. Chang’an University welcomes the cultural diversity the international students and teachers bring to campus life.  

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