School Of International Relations And Diplomacy

School Introduction

 School of International Relations and Diplomacy includes the Diplomacy Department, the International Issues Research Institute, the journal International Forum and four research centers (the Public Diplomacy Research Center, the Social Gender Studies and Global Issues Research Center, the UN and International Organizations Research Center and the East-west Relations Research Center), representing one of the bases for cultivating diplomatic talents, an academic authority in international studies and the think tank for making foreign policies.


Currently, there are 25 teachers in School of International Relations and Diplomacy, including five professors, 11 associate professors and researchers, and two permanent foreign experts. More than 95% of them have got PhDs, and at least 50% have one year and above overseas experiences.

The Honorary Dean is Li Zhaoxing, the former foreign minister of China.

Professor Li Yonghui (Ph.D. supervisor), Dean of School of International Relations and Diplomacy, is also the executive director of Public Diplomacy Research Center, the American- Chinese Institute, United Nations Association of China, and the HEI International Politics Seminar, the member of China National Association for International Studies and the academic council of Beijing Foreign Affairs and Communications Research Base, vice president of Beijing HEI International Politics Seminar, and the contributing researcher of Hong Kong Tianda Institute.


1. Four curricula education levels including Bachelor, Double BA, Master, and Doctor.

2. Master’s degree of politics (first level discipline) is granted, and five-second level disciplines are included, which are Chinese and Foreign Political System, International Relations, International Politics, Diplomacy, and Public Diplomacy.

3. The only institute that arranged a master’s program of a second level discipline of public diplomacy on its own.

4. The first institute that established diplomacy department in China and developed it into a distinctive specialty of state level.

5. Advanced research on Chinese Issue Studies, Big Power Relations and Diplomacy, State and Regional Diplomacy, Public Diplomacy, UN and International Organizations, etc.

6. A multilevel interdisciplinary teaching system based on practice with advantages in cultivating interdisciplinary and bilingual talents in fields of diplomacy and foreign affairs.

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