Qingdao University of science and Technology Admissions

Application Qualification
1) Non-Chinese citizens with a walid foreign passport and in good health;

2) Senior high school graduates or with educationaql background at above level, or equivalent to that of a Chinese senior high school graduate or above,with results of B or above(more than 70 for a hundred-mark system); and 
3)Language requirements:

Language Requirements 
Applicants for majors taught in English must possess with a relatively higher level of proficiency in English. Certificates for English learning throughout the primary and high schools or certificate for English proficiency test shall be produced for non-English native speakers. For those applying for majors of Arts taught in Chinese, his/her level of proficiency in Chinese shall reach Intermediate C (Level 6) or above in HSK; for those applying for majors of Science taught in Chinese, his/her level of proficiency in Chinese shall reach elementary C (Level 3) or above in HSK. High school graduates with Chinese as the main teaching language in all courses are free from HSK certificates.

Application Materials
Application form is prerequisite, and every university has its own version. ACASC will guide you step by step to fill the exact one when you click”Apply now” on the page of your favorite course.
Be sure to prepare fully the following documents before starting online application. You will be asked to upload attachments in the application progress.

1)      Photocopy of passport

2)      Passport-sized photo

3)      Original graduation certificate of high school or its notarial certificate; Original certificate of graduation issued by that school for those graduating in the same year.

4)      Original school report cards of all subjects in high school or their notarial certificates

5)      For non-English native speakers applying for major taught in English,certificates for English learning throughout the prinmary and high schools or certificate for English proficiency test,for those applying for majors taught in Chinese,original certificate of HSK or tis notarial certificate, or the original certificate for attending high school with Chinese as the teaching language;

6)      Other documents to show your general capabilities such as awards, recommendations, etc., on which premium will be placed.

 After receiving the application, Overseas Education College will review the documents and make selection according to one’s merits.


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