Ningbo University Acommodation

Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, in the south of China, Ningbo University is generally consisted of three campuses, the east campus which is the main campus, the west campus and the north campus. All the international students can live on campus, and accommodation is just about 30~40 RMB per person a day.

1.                  Book in advance.

2.                  Rent outside campus is allowed.

3.                  Offer 24 hours check-in service.

4.                  One week check-in before semester begins is allowed.

5.                  Hotel in campus: Yes. Ningbo University Hotel

6.                  Accommodation fee should be paid for above three months’ rent.

7.                  Move in first and then register.

8.                  Tuition fee, accommodation fee and other expenses can be paid by Union Pay cards or      

               International Remittance.

The Main Campus

Ningbo is located midway in the coastline of the East China Sea, facing north to Shanghai from across the Hangzhou Bays environment of Ningbo university is very well. The address is jiangbei road 818 the Ningbo city, Zhejiang province.Non-degree students and Degree students are both welcomed by the university.

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