Xuzhou Medical College Acommodation

Xuzhou Medical College has three campuses: the Main Campus, the West Campus and the Hanshan Campus. Apartment for International Students is in the Main Campus, the accommodation’s price is approximately RMB4600/Year.

-Dormitories are abundant. All students living in the campus can guranteed. It is not necessary to book in advance.

-To rent off the campus is not allowed.

-24 hours check-in service and reception service.

-Moving in before registration is not allowed.

-Hotel in the Peixun Center

-Registration should be done after checked in.

-Payment methods for tuition fee and other fees: International Remittance, UnionPay card.


The Main Campus

The Main Campus is located in  No.209 Tongshan Road, Xuzhou City. Xuzhou is a big traffic hinge, and the campus is near the Xuzhou Railway Station, where the traffic is very convenient. 

International Students are allowed to cook in the dormitory. Heater available.

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