Nanjing University Acommodation

Nanjing University has three campuses: one is in No.22 Hankou Street, Gulou District; one is in No.163 Xianlin Street, Xianlin District; the last one is in No.8 Pukou Street, Pukou District. Apartment for International Students is in Gulou and Pukou Campus, the accommodation’s price is approximately 25-100 RMB/Day. The Institute for International Students is the unit that oversees the recruitment, education, and administration of international students. Its offices are in Tsang Hin Chi Building, on Gulou Campus of Nanjing University. Next to Tsang Hin Chi Building is Xiyuan Dormitory for international students. The dormitory’s address is: No. 20 Jinyin Street, Shanghai Road (in the northwest of Gulou Campus). It’s very convenient to live and study here.

1.      Book in advance.

2.      Rent outside campus is allowed.

3.      Offer 24 hours check-in service.

4.      One or two days check-in before semester begins is allowed. If you need more days, please communicate with school

5.      Pay by semester or year in campus dorm.

                     Xianlin Campus

All general language students and some degree students take courses in Gulou campus which is located in downtown Nanjing. They can apply for XiYuan International Students Dorm. XiYuan offers a twin room for about 50Rmb per person per day, and a single


                                    Room Price

Room Type                  Room Price                      Notes

Double Room               RMB 50        room/day, half price for per bed/day

Single Room                 RMB 50       room/day

Double Room               RMB 100     room/day, half price for per bed/day

Single Room                 RMB 65      room/day


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