Huaihua Univeristy Accommodation


Finding somewhere to live in a different country can seem like a challenging task. At Huaihua, you will find a range of high-quality accommodation to suit many different budgets.

Guaranteed university accommodation

Living in University-managed accommodation is the best way to make new friends and settle in to university life. We guarantee University-managed accommodation for all international students. All of our University-managed accommodation is on the Huaihua campuses.

On-campus accommodation

The Huaihua campuses are safe and convenient places to live. There are restaurants, shops, ATMs around campuses, as well as clinics. To help you settle in, most residences have a live-in residential advisor – an experienced Huaihua student who will help when you arrive and can assist with any minor problems.

Each hall of residence offers a different type of accommodation. All rooms are shared (by two  or more people), which are less expensive and may be attractive if you want to save money. All accommodation has en-suite facilities.

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