MinZu University of China Accommodation



Minzu University of China has only one campus, in No.27 Zhongguancun south street, Haidian District. MUC International House is located outside the West Gate of the university, the accommodation fee is approximately 55-140 RMB/Day.

-There is no accommodation, it does not accept reservation in advance.

-Payment methods for tuition fee, application fee and etc.: Cash only.


1.   Students' accommodation will be arranged after arriving at the School. 

2.    We can guarantee all students to live in campus, but can not guarantee the room types.

3.    Living outside campus is allowed.

4.    Deposit: RMB1000.

5.    24 hour check-in.

6.    Applicants can and will live in dorm before registration. (at most 1 week before registration)

7.    The university doesn't offer hotels in campus.

8.    The accomodation fee should be paid per semester.

9.    The tuition, accomodation fee and other fees should be paid in cash or by Chinese bank cards.(US dollars and foreigner bannk cards are not allowed)


The Main Campus

Both Degree students and Language students are accepted by MUC International House. MUC International House is located outside the West Gate of the university. There are totally 75 apartments in the International House, able to lodge 191 international


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