Hainan University Accommodation





Hainan University has three campuses: one named Haidian Campus, is in No. 58, Renmin Avenue, Haikou; the second named Chengxi Campus is in No.4 Xueyuan Road, Longhua District; the third named Danzhou Campus is in Baodao New Village, Danzhou. Apartment for International Students is in Haidian Campus, the accommodation’s  price for single room is 27 RMB/Day.

Both Degree students and Language students are accepted by Hainan University in Haidian Campus. Hainan campus is located in the Haidian Island, Haikou City, covering 3,000 acres.South Gate is near Hainan Radio and Television University. Opposite the east gate of Haikou City People's Hospital.

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