Shenyang Medical College Accommodation



There are boarding house, school infirmary, super market, laundry house and so on.  The daily expense for boarding is about RMB 10 – 20 Yuan. The facilities for physical education is quite complete, there are places for basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, table tennis and so on.

The facilities in apartment for international students are all complete; there are restroom, satellite TV, telephone, closet, table and chairs, Internet socket in the room. Hot water is provided 24 hours a day, there is washing machine in the apartment. Charging Rate: double room 20 – 30 Yuan/bed/day; four-person room: 10 – 15 Yuan/bed/day

Main Campus

There are boarding house, school infirmary, super market, laundry house and so on.  The daily expense for boarding is about RMB 10 – 20 Yuan.

The facilities in apartment for international students are all complete; there are restroom, satellite TV, telephone, closet, table and chairs, Internet socket in the room. Hot water is provided 24 hours a day, there is washing machine in the apartment. Charging Rate: double room 20 – 30 Yuan/bed/day; four-person room: 10 – 15 Yuan/bed/day.

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