Bengbu Medical College About us

The university (including affiliated hospitals directly under it) has nearly 6,000 teaching and medical staff, including 862 professionals with senior professional titles, 425 professors and associate professors, and 182 teachers with doctoral degrees. With the national outstanding teachers, the national model teacher, provincial excellent teachers, provincial development talent, teaching masters at the provincial level, provincial exemplary teachers, provincial advanced workers and provincial excellent education workers, the national May 1 labor medal winner, the national family planning system advanced worker, provincial health May 1 labor medal winner and model workers, provincial teaching team a total of 72 (a) and provincial academic and technical leaders and a backup, the provincial academic and technical leaders, and to develop a target young talents, province, provincial health system "TeZhi plan" selected talents, wan jiang scholars distinguished professor, a total of 106 young wan jiang scholars, Fifty-seven experts have received special allowances from the state council and provincial governments. 32 distinguished scholars, including liu depei, academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, duan shumin, Chen xiaoping and wang fusheng, academicians of the Chinese academy of sciences, were appointed as distinguished professors.

The university now has more than 13100 full-time undergraduate students and nearly 1,000 master's degree students, including 7 overseas graduate students. The school has always taken the needs of national economic and social development as the compass for talent training and reform and innovation, and adhered to the educational philosophy of "medical science as the main, people-oriented and quality-oriented". Education pattern has been formed for the coordinated development of the four disciplines of medicine, science, engineering and management. With clinical medicine, anesthesiology, oral medicine, nursing, medical inspection technology, medical imaging, medical imaging technology, the spirit of medicine, preventive medicine, food hygiene and nutrition, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, biological science, biotechnology, information management and information system, medical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, food quality and safety, Internet of things engineering and rehabilitation science, applied statistics, applied psychology, health inspection and quarantine 24 undergraduate programs, Have basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, biology, medical technology, pharmacy six first-level discipline of master's degree authorization centers and clinical medicine, oral medicine, public health, nursing, pharmacy, 5 master's degree authorization category, 29 secondary discipline authorization center of clinical medical disciplines in 2017 to enter the United States the basic scientific index (ESI), the top 1%. The university has 1 state-level specialty, 1 state-level comprehensive reform pilot program, 9 provincial-level specialties, 11 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot programs, 5 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, and 2 provincial-level talents training model innovation experimental areas. School of existing national clinical key 1, cultivate specialized subject 1, 3 provincial key disciplines, clinical key specialty at the provincial level 7, 6, cultivate specialized subject, 3 provincial key laboratory, one provincial academician workstation, one provincial engineering technology center, a provincial key research base of humanities and social science, a biochemical drugs industry in anhui province technology innovation strategic alliance, 1 think-tank project in colleges and universities in anhui province, anhui university scientific research innovation platform team one.

School give full play to the talent advantage of university's scientific research, and actively serving local economic and social development, the construction "the occupational qualification certification examinations national psychological consultant point", "public nutritionists national professional skill appraisal station", "the nursery teacher, pension nurse the national professional skill appraisal station" and "lung cancer treatment center in anhui province", "joint disease diagnosis and treatment center in anhui province", "biochemical drugs in anhui province engineering technology research center". Bear the national natural science fund project in recent years, more than 70 items, all kinds of ministerial projects more than 10, 400 provincial scientific research projects, cooperation involved, including major national science and technology special project 973, eight national projects, all kinds of papers published more than 7000, including SCI, EI, included more than 800 papers, published materials, over 100 monograph. The school has won 3 first prize and 20 second prize of anhui science and technology award, 2 second prize of science and technology progress award of ministry of health, and 13 patent authorization. Three academic journals are published and published: journal of bengbu medical college, Chinese journal of anatomy and clinical practice and Chinese general medicine.

The university now has 2 affiliated hospitals, 13 non-affiliated hospitals and more than 170 teaching hospitals, practice hospitals and practice bases. First affiliated hospital directly under the ministry of health is the first level of first-class hospital, general hospital, the actual opening of more than 2400 beds, is the largest in northern anhui medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation, health care and first aid is a body comprehensive hospital, is the country's first resident standardization training base and the national first batch of 5 + 3 + X college training base. The second affiliated hospital directly under the administration is a comprehensive level-iii class a hospital, which is "national people's trust demonstration hospital" and "excellent hospital" for provincial new agriculture and industry. It has practically opened 1,100 beds.

In 60 years of running a school course, generations of mussel medical people pass on one after another, with great concentration, hard working, school education career development, DE nissin, sheer would be a "studious, conscientiousness, xiude, health," the school motto of tradition, inoculation made "hard work, rigorous doing scholarly research, sincerely for the medical, unity dedication" spirit of mussel medical. Since school, the school developed over sixty thousand kinds of medicine and health care personnel, including by the Chinese academy of engineering de-pei liu, member of Chinese academy of sciences, translated, alternative, alex wang, as a representative of contemporary medicine, are represented by mike liu, xian-qun fan, hong-zhou lu and other outstanding medical talents at home and abroad, have to BuJun, high strength, marsum changjiang scholars such as represented by the young talents, and to "Bethune medal" winner, fuyang city people's hospital of pediatrics doctor Liu Xiaolin represented by a large number of roots, to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, trusted by the masses at the grass-roots level of business backbone and clinical medicine and health care management cadre, It has made important contributions to the country's medical and health undertakings and economic and social development.

In recent years, the clinical practice ability and job competence of our students have been widely recognized. Since 2011, the passing rate of graduates in the national qualification examination for practicing physicians has been higher than the national average, showing a trend of increasing year by year, and the total passing rate is higher than the national average by more than 8 percentage points. The university has been awarded the first prize once, the second prize four times and the third prize once. · won the special group prize of the first 2013 national medical image professional college students practical skills contest, the first prize of the first 2015 national undergraduate nursing clinical skills contest, and the first prize of the first 2016 national pharmaceutical college students innovation and entrepreneurship and experimental teaching reform competition. School medical ethics education successful, sprung up "is the most beautiful train girl" kwan, roadside assistance sudden disease of heart head blood-vessel old man Xue Shuai handsome, down the bus rescue fainted on the side of the road in old man's star wins, the injured actively rescue Zhou Qing, "good man" in anhui hansheng beam, the high-speed stage of life and death to save a good doctor, the most beautiful train teachers, and many other warm, touched by the good deeds of the society, social media attention. From September 2015 to April 2016 alone, there were four good people and good things reported by the news channel of China central television successively, and four times were honored as "star of Chinese university students' self-improvement" and "person of the year of Chinese university students". In the past five years, the employment rate of graduates of our school has been over 90%. Due to the outstanding achievements of graduates in employment and work, our school was selected as one of the top 50 "national universities with typical employment experience" by the ministry of education in 2015.

The spring breeze changes the rain, the pottery casting elite; The tide is wide and the sails are high. Generations of clam doctors have devoted themselves to hard work and practice, and have continued to push forward the school construction and development to a new journey. Under the new historical conditions, the university has a deep understanding of the reform trend, made scientific plans for the development blueprint, and made continuous progress towards the goal of building a distinctive high-level medical university. It has prepared itself to cultivate high-quality medical talents and made greater contributions to ensuring people's health, building a beautiful anhui and realizing a healthy China.

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