Chongqing University of Technology About us

Chongqing University of Technology is a higher educational institution that was established almost 75 years ago.  On September 18, 1940, the 11th Technical School of the Department of War Industry, which was attached to the No. 21 Arsenal Factory, was founded thus beginning Chongqing University of Technology proud and illustrious history.


In April of 1950, No. 21 Arsenal Factory began to undergo a series of name changes as the mission and size of the school began to grow.  First the school was renamed the SMACID (Southwest Military Administrative Committee Industry Department) Industrial School.  Other names used during this period were the Southwest First Industrial School and the Chongqing First Machine Building Industrial School.  In 1957, the Kunming Instrument Making Industrial School was incorporated into SMACID and in 1960 the school was renamed the Chongqing Industrial School.


Under the authority and consent of the State Education Commission, in 1965 the Chongqing Industrial School was renamed the Chongqing Industrial College under the fifth Ministry of Machine Building and in 1986; another name change was made to reflect its growing educational status and national importance to the Chongqing Institute of Industrial Administration. The latter changes saw the Chongqing Industrial College integrated as a part of the China Weapon Industry Corporation in 1991 and an affiliation with the Ministry of Ordinance Industry, National Machinery Committee, Ministry of Machine Building and Electronics Industries.


In 1999, the administration of the Chongqing Institute of Industrial Administration was handed over from the China Weapon Industry Corporation to the Chongqing Municipal government and it was renamed to Chongqing Institute of Technology in the same year.


The year 2001 saw two more changes that further transformed the mission of the school.  First, the Chongqing Institute of Economic Management was merged into the Chongqing Institute of Technology and this began the plans for the restructuring of the institutes into a university.  The second major change came when the State Council Committee for Academic Degrees authorized the institutes the right to confer master’s degrees.  In September 2005, the Huaxi campus added another 150 hectares to the already expanding institute.  


In 2009, under the authority of the Ministry of Education, the institute was formally named the Chongqing University of Technology. 

Since its inception more than 70 years ago, Chongqing University of Technology has developed a dynamic and vigorous institution of higher learning by adhering to it university motto of ‘Moral excellence; Earnest practice; Self-discipline; Constant innovation.’  Using academic discipline and scientific research as the guiding force, CQUT has enhanced its academic competitiveness and become the fastest growing research based university in Chongqing.


The tradition at CQUT is “being tolerant and compatible, explorative and creative in spirit,” with the pursuit of “being higher and stronger.” To achieve these goals Chongqing University of Technology has established new academic disciplines and programs in the areas of engineering, management, science, economics, liberal arts and the law to meet challenges to our social development and our nation’s growing economic opportunities.


The goal at Chongqing University of Technology is to foster and attract academic and research excellence with an international perspective in our students, staff and faculty with a sense of social responsibility and innovation.   At CQUT, we invest and value our international partnerships with academic and research institutions abroad.   As such, we now have students and faculty studying or conducting research at CQUT from more than 20 countries that include the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.


As president of Chongqing University of Technology and on behalf of over 25,000 students, faculty and staff at Chongqing University of Technology, I would like to extend our warmest welcome to you all!

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