Chengdu Medical Uniiversity About Chengdu Medical Uniiversity-Nursing Education,Tradition Chinese Pharmacy, Modern Pharmacy

After decades of development, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department has become a cradle of talent for traditional Chinese medicine in Hebei province. For many years, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department has undertaken many scientific research programs that concentrated upon the therapy of diabetes with traditional Chinese medicine. Many of our research programs have won several awards. The outpatient clinic department of Traditional Medicine Department was founded in 1995. The therapy of diabetes, nephrosis, coronary disease, liver disease and concretion has become the focal points of the department's research. The Ancient Medical Books Research Branch, the Chinese Medicine Foundation Research Branch, Ancient Prescription Research Branch, the Traditional Medicine Clinical Research Branch, the Ancient Literature Research Branch, the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Laboratory, the Chinese Native Medicine Specimen Room and the Chinese Medicine Foundation Laboratory. The Nursing Department of Chengde Medical College was founded in June, 1984 and started to recruit three-year students in July 1985. Authorized by the Hebei Province Education Committee and the State Education Committee, the Nursing Department started to recruit undergraduate students in July 1997. CDMC is one of those who opened up higher nursing education in China. Its specialties include ordinary nursing and English nursing. The Nursing Education Department and the English Nursing Education Department are "trademarks" of our college. The Department of Chinese Traditional Pharmacy offers education for students to study and acquire specialized principles and knowledge on Chinese Traditional Pharmacy and modern pharmacy, to grasp the skill of experiment. The student graduate from the department will have the ability to develop new medicine. They will have the abilities to do the jobs involved with designing the form of the prepared drugs and accomplishing the preparation, analysis and preparation of the drug.The predecessor of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the Photochemistry Laboratory of Chengde Medical College established in 1970's. Along with the enhancement of scientific research and the expansion of organizational scale, Chengde Medical College received authorization for the Institute of Traditional Chinese medicine by Hebei Province Education Committee and with it's permission, constructed it's facility in 1994. In 1997, the institute was recognized by the Hebei provincial government as a "key laboratory" for Chinese native medicine research and development in Hebei Province. It is the only key laboratory in Hebei Province. The institute owns over 10 million RMB of property, which allows over 30 researchers and technical members to engage in new medical research throughout the institute.There are six research departments: The Photochemistry Laboratory, the Analysis Laboratory, the Preparation Laboratory, the Pharmacology and Toxicology Laboratory, the Immunological Pharmacology Laboratory and the Biochemical Pharmacology Laboratory. There is one attached factory "Kejing Health Care Production Factory". The institute has chosen Chinese Native Medicine Chemical Analysis and the New Chinese Native Medicine Development as its main research areas. At present, the staff primarily engages in the appraisal of botanical medicines, the separation and withdrawal of the resources and the effective components, structural analysis, quality specification, dosage-form, craft, pharmacology, toxicology, clinical pre-testing.

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