China University of Petroleum University Of Petroleum China | Petroleum University China

The university has 4 faculties, 5 departments and 3 schools and 1 research center, offering 22 bachelor's , 47 master's and 23 Ph.D. programs and one diploma program in Chinese Language Study. It has 13 research institutes, 31 research groups, 30 laboratories, 5 centers, and one state key laboratory. Among a staff body of 1000, 128 are full professors and 149 associate professors. The number of the registered degree students comes up to 10000, including 600 Ph.D. students, 3400 M. Eng. students and 6000 B.Eng. students, and about 2000 students take continuing educational programs each year. At present, the university has about 200 international students. The university Library has a collection of 250,000 bound volumes covering the whole range of the subjects studied at Beijing Campus. It provides excellent services, including on-line service for literature search, to every reader. The university Sports Center is the main campus recreation center. Facilities include an athletic ground, a multi-purpose pavilion, a swimming pool and a gymnasium.CUPB has institutional linkages with more than 30 universities in USA, UK, Japan, France, Norway, Russia, Romania, Thailand, Denmark, etc. Moreover, to help do researches for large coporations or seek financial support for students at CUPB, we have established strong relations with Chevron

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