Beijing Institute of Technology About us

Beijing  Institute of Technology (BIT) was established in 1940 and began to  recruit foreign students in 1995. Presently BIT has more than 1900  foreign students from 122 different countries, like South Korea,  Germany, Pakistan, Indonesia, Poland, and Mexico. The students are  distributed in various programs like Mechanical Engineering, Computer  Science and Technology, Control Science and Electrical Engineering,  Automation Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering,  Aeronautics & Space Science and technology, Design and Arts and  other major engineering fields.

Most  of our foreign students are supported by scholarships from Chinese  Government, multinational companies, their respective countries, and  Beijing Institute of Technology. These scholarships have materialized  their dreams of being part of BIT.

BIT  pays special consideration to the growth of each student and promote  the development and betterment of the foreign student education system.  At present, all the courses taught in Chinese are eligible to recruit  foreign students. Presently BIT offers 6 undergraduate and 11 graduate  programs in English. The PhD studies are completely conducted in English  language. The education system of Beijing Institute of Technology holds  a special advantage, not only nationally but internationally, due to  its long and historic Engineering background and long-term overseas  educational collaborations. At the same time, we have also initiated  numerous short-term programs, like overseas exchange programs, language  and cultural exchange programs, short-term technical exchange student  programs etc.

The  Office of International Students at BIT intends to initiate such  programs in the future for the development and promotion of the foreign  student education system. We warmly welcome students across the globe to  join BIT.

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