Hebei North University About us

Time flies, eight batches of students have been admitted into our university and this is the ninth year of admitting foreign students. For nine years, under the true leadership of party committee of the school, with the support of related teaching department, the education of foreign students in our school is growing from strength to strength, from small to large scale and from low to high. Since 2005, the school has recruited all kinds of students, more than 750 people. In 2006 and 2007 a total number of 211 students obtained a bachelor's degree in clinical medicine. In 2012, according to the national foundation of educational statistics, our international students were rated among the top 40 international students in the country.

During the past seven years, our school's educational system achieved an extraordinary development. On the training mode, from the past single Chinese short-term training, development to today, clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese language and other multi-disciplinary education.

School has set up a complete international students education quality guarantee system, established of cultivating the curriculum and teaching plan of students of clinical medicine; A combination of teaching and clinical practice with the use of advanced clinical training center for students with clinical skill training and an examination platform; A committee known as the international students education steering committee was established to supervise the students and all the teaching work. Select outstanding teachers undertake the students teaching task. A project named "1 + 2 + 1" was used to train teachers in countries like Canada in the university of Manitoba, the United States in the university of Texas and other international cooperation colleges and universities to send hundreds of teachers to study abroad. This cultivated excellent teachers that will enrich the students and the teaching quality of education for international students. In 2012, the first international students that graduated from our school took part in the licensing examination (PMDC) in Pakistan, they passed and were among other top rated students. Graduates from our university practicing in Pakistan are highly recognized as outstanding in performance, clinical practice and operation. In 2013, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) ranked our university as the second best medical university to pass the medical license of Pakistan.

In 2011,Hanban, a non-government organization affiliated with the ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China set up the HSK Chinese language test center and successfully held the first HSK test. This year, the faculty of arts and the new international Chinese education, which will provide strong support for foreign students Chinese culture teaching.

The university creates good study and living environment for students to promote students' personality and comprehensive development. It also attaches great importance on the students "cultural identity", education and improving student's comprehensive qualities. The popular newspaper ''Beijing Today'' wrote an article about the foreign students in our school; their learning situation and the graduation ceremony in our school, this promoted the internationalization process of or school.

Recently, the International Exchange Center's construction plan on the main campus has been examined and approved by Zhangjiakou Municipal Planning Bureau.

The proposed International Exchange Center is located on the west side of Hongzheng Building on the main campus with a total construction land area of 13567 square meters and a construction area of 44000 square meters, 16 ground building floors one underground floor, and reinforced concrete frame shear wall structure


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