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Vocal art Master Degree

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  • Application Deadline:2018/06/13
  • Tuition:¥0.00
  • Application Fee:¥800.00
  • Service Fee:¥0.00
How To Apply

Applying through ACASC generally takes a few minutes to complete. It takes 5 steps to complete the application.

1. Click “Apply Now” button at the top of the page.

2. Fill in online application form.

3. Upload required documents.

4. Pay the application fee and the ACASC service fee

5. Click “Submit” button.

Important notice: In order to apply, you need to create an account with ACASC.

Vocal music refers to the form of music that is sung by human voice. Vocal music is based on the vocal cords of human beings. It cooperates with the oral cavity, tongue, and nasal cavity to act on breath, giving a sweet, continuous, rhythmic sound. According to the difference between the sound level and the timbre, it can be divided into soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto and tenor, baritone, and bass. The vocal range of each kind of vocal is about two octaves.

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